Well I Need To Stop

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Jen - October 18

After many visits, scans, and blood work concerning my thyroid...I need to start thyroid meds and can not nurse on the meds. I am so sad : ( He is 13 months and still does so good. What exactly do I need to do to dry up my milk? I know I need to start the regular pill and not pump, anything else? This is really upsetting.


DB - October 18

I've just weaned my dd due to supply issues...it was soooooo sad....I work full time and pumping just couldnt' maintain my supply (she's 8.5 mo)...Anyways, enough about me! I haven't nursed in probably 10 days...I haven't pumped in 9 days. I cut out pumping sessions every few days..honestly, I did have to pump after the first 2 days of no pumping. I pumped only enough to relieve the pain. There was still pressure on my b___sts, but not pain. My right side has dried up...left side, not yet, still very full, but NOT painful. I read about cabbage leaves, but I don't want produce in my bras! I think starting the regular bcp will help to dry you up as well. Good luck...sorry about your end to nursing..isn't it soooo sad. You did fantastic though! My goal with #2 is to make it 12 months :)


tish212 - October 18

please explain.... r u going on synthroid? ok easier question r u hyperthyroid or hypothyroid? I am hypo..meaning my thyroi is too small (ihad radioactive iodine treatment when I was 13 to make it smaller cuz I was hyperthyroid and it was straining my heart) I take synthroid...and haven't heard anything about not being able to bf...and hearing u say this scares me...I'm due in dec.with my first and have always wanted to bf because of the benefiets and the bonding involved...please let me know what u were diagnosed as...sorry I couldn't answer ur question....


Jen - October 19

I am hyperthyroid. My levels are really high, and they found a large nodule (lump) in my throat by an ultrasound. They said the medicine (Tapazole) will slow down my thyroid. They are telling me to not let myself get pregnant because that is really dangerous with hyperthyroid. As far as b___stfeeding, they are making it sound like the only way I can ever nurse any future babies would be to kill my thyroid because it would be safer to be on meds for hypothyroid and nurse...as opposed to the meds for hyper. Just not fair : ( They also made it sound like if I am out on meds for hypo (killing thyroid) then they can just adjust the dosage and it would be fine to nurse. On the other hand, if my levels go back to normal after being on meds for hyper for 6 months then I should be fine. Just ask your docs if it is safe.


tryingx3 - October 22

Jen - stupid question - but are you seeing an endocrinologist or just a general pract_tioner. From some of my past experience, I would recommend an expert when dealing with thyroid.


lily10 - October 22

Jen, I hope you are very proud of yourself, 13 months is amazing!!!! Your LO is very lucky to have you for his mom. I can imagine how sad you must feel to have to give up for a reason other then you two being ready. Good luck on your meds and I hope things work out for you.


Jen - October 24

I am seeing an endocrinologist. Thanks guys, this is so hard and depressing. I really don't think he's ready to wean. I couldn't nurse him for 2 days when they did the radioactive iodine, but luckily I had enough frozen milk for those days...anyway, he screamed for me when we tried the whole milk. He did better w/b___stmilk but still wanted mommy : (


Jamie - November 2

Have you looked Tapazole up in Dr. Hale's book? (Medications and Mothers' Milk)



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