What Age Did You Introduce A Bottle

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DB - February 21

What age was your LO when you introduced a bottle?? Did they take it or refuse it?? I have the B--tflow bottles which flow slowly, and I'm hoping she'll take to it so dh can feed her at night with pumped milk. Also, sooner or later we'll need a break and we'll leave her for a few hours with Grandma!! Any advice???


tryingx3 - February 21

I started at 3.5 wks old. Playtex nurser, slow flow nipple. I had somoeone offer her one a day. I did this knowing I was going back to work full-time at 11wks. Doctor also encouraged giving her a bottle before the recommended 4-6 weeks because she knew of so many refusing a bottle (her own included). My dd didn't take a bottle good and on some days at daycare will still only take about 2oz and be done with it. She is 5mo old. She CAN take up to 4oz at a time but all the planets have to be in some kind of special alignment. I am a busy mommy - making up for all the feedings she misses during the day. Oh yeah, we switched to a fast flow nipple after she continued to just roll the nipple around with her tongue. I guess that worked better since I have a fast flow too!


chrissi79 - February 21

I started pumping at 2 weeks. My LO took very well to the b___st and bottle as well. I love it b/c hubby or grandparents or whoever can feed her.


hthab - February 21

We gave the first bottle around 3 weeks. Our pediatrician also recommended giving it within the first month to avoid the baby rejecting it later. Some say to wait longer though, so who knows! We didn't have any problems with the bottle.


Jennifer123 - February 22

We introduced the bottle at 3.5 weeks and DH gave it to her. She sucked it down as if she had been doing it forever. My baby loves to eat though so we have had no problems switching back and forth and she'll even let me feed her the bottle.


MM - February 22

My son had trouble latching on so we introduced a bottle after a few days to feed him pumped b___stmilk. It did not interfere with his b___stfeeding. So he did both. My supply decreased to almost nothing after 6-8 weeks & he never had a problem going back to the bottle.


tryingx3 - February 22

I think my dd just got my stubborn gene - she still at 5mo KNOWS what she prefers...my MIL accused me of only giving her b___st over the weekend because she would NOT take a bottle Monday morning. Usually that is the case over the weekend, but actually on Sunday she had been offered 2 bottles.


Lala - February 22

DB the b___stflow bottles was one of the "must have baby items" for me. We bought them before ds was born; in fact we had to travel out of town as we don't have a Babies R Us here, and at that time they weren't available on their web site. Anyway, I went ahead yesterday and pumped for the first time (I need to start saving up some milk for going back to work part time in a month), and since he was hungry I wanted to try out the bottles. I have been very excited about thre concept of these bottles, and curious how it would go. Well, he did fine. No confusion either! As soon as he was done, he nursed a little too! I really like these bottles. I've never seen any others like them. There are many bottles on the market now that claim to be like the b___st, but these are the only ones I believe actually work like the b___st (the same latch, let down, and compression with suck needed). I figure I'll keep giving a bottle every couple of days or something so that he'll keep doing both. Oh, ds is now a month old.


DB - February 22

Lala- I have those bottles and tried to give dd pumped milk yesterday because of course she woke up right when our new dishwasher was being installed (and there was no way I was whipping out my b___sts in front of those guys...) she totally refused it!! But, she also was being EXTREMELY fussy so that could have something to do with it too. I may go pump real quick since she's due to eat soon and I'm a bit engorged and see if she'll take it today since she's been calmer. (we also ended up seeing the ped today and she's gotten Zantac for her reflux, so hopefully she'll be calmer during the day at least; ped. also thinks she has colic)...I will try them and let you know. Does your ds take pacifiers at all yet? Or have you tried? DD refuses those too. hmmm????


Lala - February 23

Sorry your dd is having trouble. ds has some reflux too. I always have to keep his head up after he eats. And he is a bad burper. He'll get so fussy sometimes but won't burp no matter what. Then like an hour later, he'll finally burp. Not always, though, sometimes he burps very easily. Did the doc tell you not to get too discouraged if the medication takes awile to work (even a couple of weeks)? You may have to wait awhile, and suddenly your dd may be a new baby! Oh, and colic is terrible! Yes, I saw in your question that you have the bottles too. Yes, definately try when she is calmer. ds took a few minutes to figure it out at first, but then he got the hang of it. Also, the only paci he will take is the Soothie, which is from the First Years brand too. They have these great Wubbanubs with a little stuffed animal attached too. He loves it. He really hangs onto it. It really helps to keep him from loosing the paci every five minutes and crying. It's the cuttest thing to see him really holding onto his wubbanub!****Hang in there; it sounds like your a great mom!


DB - February 23

Well, we tried the bottle last night again w/ no luck. She refuses to suck. I ordered a couple different brands to try. If those don't work then we'll have to just keep trying. the doc didn't say much about how long it would take for the meds to work. I didn't like the ped. we saw yesterday. I'll ask next week though.


Lala - February 23

How frustrating for you! I am sorry! one tip: Do you make sure her latch is correct on the bottle too? Those bottles don't work if baby isn't doing a correct b___st-feeding latch on them. Make sure the mouth is WIDE open with lips flanged out (like a fish face). If she's not doing this way on your b___st too, you'll get sore nipples. Who knows maybe the bottles can help train her to nurse well.? Hang in there!


DB - February 23

Hmm...I don't think we were paying attention to the latch. Maybe we'll try again. It's just so hard because she's constantly fussy now.


rack - February 23

we had to introduce in the first couple of weeks to teach her how to open her mouth wide enough to get a proper latch. we used the gerber bottles with the nuk stage one nipples. worked like a charm. she has never had any issues tkaing a bottle since then, and is b___stfeeding great now for 10 mos and counting :) i pumped and gave my milk to her in the bottle. :) rack



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