What Could It Be Besides Thrush

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Shanna - June 9

I've posted a question about thrush before, only got one answer back, thought I would try again. Try to make it short, pumped at home for by dd for about 2 weeks, when I stopped I had some mild br___t pain which I'm sure was normal since I was quite full all the time and was no longer pumping. Anyway, my nipples became very dry and flaky. Did some researching on the net and every site said it was most likely thrush, so I called my doc, he gave me medicine for a yeast infection and said I could use an over the counter cream for my nipples which I put on several times a day; neither helped. Did some more reading about natural ways to cure it and I bought a bunch of different vitamins, grapefruit seed extract, you name it, even tried the messy purple ink, and again nothing helped. There is no bleeding or oozing, they are just very dry, especially when I get out of the shower, they are so white and flaky. My dd has never shown any signes of thrush or had a diaper rash, so I'm wondering if it could be something else. I made an app with my dermatologist but its not for another 2 weeks. Anyone had this and had it turn out to be something besides thrush?? thanks


Emmie - June 9

For a while I thought I might have thrush because my b___st get having pains and were stinging and someone told me to use Lanisinoh and I havent had any more problems it is supposed to keep the moisture and keep them from being dry. I would put it one after I nursed and before and after every shower. All my pain and soreness was gone in less than a week.


olivia - June 9

It could be eczema. I would try the lanisinoh if you haven't already and then ask your doctor if it could be eczema if it doesn't clear up. Make sure you are not washing them with soap or over cleaning them. Just put the lanisinoh or any 100% lanolin on them until you see the dermatologist. Good luck.


Susan W - June 10

It's not thrush if the yeast infection medicine didn't help. Eczema comes to mind. I'd try lanolin or Nipple B___ter (earthmamaangelbaby.com) or vitamin E cream after every nursing. Don't wash your nipples with any soap at all. Mine are now flaky that I am no longer nursing FT, but they aren't bothering me. Good luck!!


ca_pink - June 10

I thought I had thrush and tried nystatin and diflucan and still have sore nipples. I had a lactation consultant check my latch and they said it was fine... anyway, my ob said that If it was thrush, it should eventually go away once you stop b___stfeeding/ pumping... if you're still achey after a couple of weeks after you stop, it's probably something else. good luck!



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