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mommietobe - May 12

My dh is a very hands on dad. He has changed dirty diapers , trimmed nails, etc since day one with our son.He's now 20 mths. I'm due next month and plan on bf this one, didn't with my first son. Dh supports me on this, but is worried he will miss out on feeding the baby. He feels it is a good way to bond and wants me to pump enough where he can feed a bottle a day to the baby. I've read you should wait until three to four weeks to do that because you want to establish a good br___tfeeding routine. Do you guys have any advise?


JLO - May 13

feel out your baby. i was forced to pupm after two weeks becasue of a serious infection and my dh loved giving my DD the bottle. if the baby seems to do ok with both use both. tell your DH that he can also bond with the baby by bringing you the baby when it is time to feed, helping take out the b___st at night to tlet you rest and stroking the babies hair or talking to it while you are feeding. these are all ways to bond. or the feeding can be your thing and dad can be the bath man!


Susan W - May 13

I'd wait to introduce a bottle until even later, like 6-8 weeks if possible; too early, and you can end up with some serious problems. We never did use a bottle as part of our routine. DH is also a very hands-on type of guy, but once he saw the benefits to the baby and the ease of b___stfeeding -- no washing bottles, no waiting to warm the b___stmilk (which you can't do in the microwave), how easy it is to do while out and about, all that ha__sle -- he loved it!! And he particularly enjoyed sleeping through the night nursings while I was up, lol. There's lots of other things he can do to bond and help you out. My DH is in charge of baths, bedtime, and when we did get around to introducing solids, he fed that (thank goodness, as I despise spoon feeding). Maybe see if your family (including your older child) can go to a La Leche League meeting -- our local group has a meeting every month where the dads are welcome -- and have him talk to other dads of exclusively b___stfeeding moms. That way, he gets an idea of how to best support you through the tough times. Because of my DH's support, I'm still nursing 20 months and two pregnancies later -- one ended in loss -- and planning to exclusively b___stfeed again and perhaps tandem nurse if DS is still nursing by the time I deliver.


Trac - May 14

I agree with Susan W - there are so many other ways dad can be involved. I bf my DD for 6 months and I am still bf my DS who is 7months. It's been great and my hubby just stepped in in all the other areas, burping, baths, diapers changes. The baby can still bond with dad, don't worry! And, bf is so convenient easy and so good for your baby! Good luck! (I agree about attending a La Leche meeting, too).



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