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angelinakai - October 23

I am having issues with bf my son. he will eat for like 5 minutes and then fall asleep and I can't wake him up OR he'll scream and not even be able to eat. and then he'll want to eat again 30 minutes later. Sometime he does this alllll day long! (like today) I am thinking about pumping exclusively during the day and nursing at night. I get about 4-5 oz per br___ts when I pump, so this should last him at least 2 feedings. Can I pump every 4-5 hours and bottle feed him during the day and then bf him every 2-3 hours at night? I am seriously thinking about trying this to eliminate some of these feedings bc I think he will stay awake with a bottle. Do you think this will work. He is only 4 weeks old... so I am completely new to all of this. Thank you SOOO much for your help :)


excited2bemama - October 23

I would just go with the flow- it probably won't last. At 4 weeks he is probably building up your milk supply. Don't forget that babies nurse for reasons other than hunger. My 4.5 month old still wants to nurse every 1.5-2 hours during the day. I would not go to pumping exclusively during the day.. for one its alot more work..., 2)I doubt he would stay awake more with the bottle,- But most importantly. Some woman can not maintain an adequate supply pumping b./c it does not stimule the b___st as well as a nursing baby does. Especially at 4 weeks- Your milk supply is still building and your body needs all that stimulation to make more milk. He is not going to be that sleepy for long. Its very common for a baby that young to want to be on the b___b constantly- trust me- it doesn't last long.


lily10 - October 23

excited is right pumping is so much more work then nursing. Right now I pump a ton because I work full time and it is just the biggest pain ever. Your son will soon eat less often but at 4 weeks he just wants to be attached to his momma all the time. Breastfeeding is very demanding in the begining but it gets much easier. My daughter takes bottles because I work full time and ever since she started taking the bottle she prefers it so I have had to bring my pump out on road trips and pump while DH drives and so on....major pain!!! I am working very hard to get her to take less bottles now. Try and get through this demanding phase and things will get better for you. Before I went back to work my daughter was nursing every 3-4 hours but in the begining she would only go 45mins to a 1.5 hours between feedings.


slackette - October 24

I agree...at 4 weeks your LO is still trying to build up your supply. But if you are going to pump during the day, I would do it as often as he feeds (just at first, just to make sure you maintain a good supply). Pumping is much more work than nursing, but if you are going back to work, you are going to have to do it anyways. I started pumping alot more over the last couple of weeks b/c I am going back to work in a week. I am trying to give him at least a bottle or two a day to get him used to it. Sometimes (usually before bed) he just DEMANDS the b___b and nothing else will do.....its kinda sweet, but not so good for when I want to go out and leave him with family for the night.


bex - October 28

Hello, Angelinaki, do you remember me its Bex? I live in the UK and we used to Email alot!! Are you the same? If so I am delighted that you have had a baby boy, would you like to get in contact again? If so whats your email address



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