What Happens To Nipples

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jenn82 - June 13

im 34 weeks pregnant and im still undecided if i should br___tfeed, is it really hard to do? ive been told your nipples can go really horrible and allmost fall off!!!! is this true? please help!


Jamie - June 13

If you get an infection and don't treat the infection, yeah, your nipples can get bad, but I don't know a single person that's actually happened to. It's hard at first, but only for the first 4-6 weeks, if even that long. After that, most issues are resolved. Check out www.lalecheleague.org for more info, and try to get together with a group in your area. Breastfeeding, even if you only do it for a few days or even a few weeks, really is better for your baby. It's what nature intended our babies to eat.


olivia - June 13

I did have a cracked nipple and it was sore and a bit scary. It happened about week 3 and took a couple weeks to heal up. By week 6 I was back on track and b___stfeeding was easy and I was so happy to have made it through the tough part. Buy some lanolin to have on hand, and get a support system -- introduce yourself to your hospital's lactation consultant so you can call for advise if you have a problem. It is really worth it if you can do it! Good luck.


Susan W - June 13

No, your nipples won't fall off :) But they can get sore, if you aren't careful with your baby's latch. It is hard, and you can be sore for a while (it's just because it's a part of your body experiencing something new), but once you get past the first few weeks, it's very much well worth it. It saves a fortune over formula, and b___stfed babies (at the b___st) tend to have fewer ear infections. Babies fed b___stmilk tend to be healthier too. What I did -- because I really wasn't sure I wanted to b___stfeed -- was tell myself I would try it for X number of weeks. After that, I would reevaluate it. And here I am, nursing a toddler. If someone had told me that would happen to me, I would have told them they were nuts :) Go to a La Leche League meeting NOW, and pick up some books on nursing before you decide against it for sure. Good luck!


^lucy^ - June 14

im a first time mom and my dd is almost 1 month now.. i've been b/feeding exclusively.. i've got to tell you that its the best thing i've ever done to my baby.. its healthy, u get the special time to stay with ur baby touching you, and besides.. if you b/f its only U who can do it.. if you feed ur baby with a bottle, anyone can do it instead of you right? it doesnt do any harm to the nipple, just take care on ur baby's latch for the first couple of days.. he/she should have part of the dark area in the mouth too, not only nipple.. it will feel raw for the first week or 10 days and hurt a bit.. at the hospital they will give you some cream to apply after each feeding..after that u'll really feel special and will have the special bond with ur baby.. Good luck and if you can do it, go for it :)


Renee-Marie - June 25

As a former skeptic myself, I encourage you to try it, but inorder to really "TRY" you have to commit to trying for at least 2 weeks before giving up. The reason? As LUCY states, you're nipples will feel raw for up to 10 days. It was difficult, I will admit. My son is now 5 weeks old and I am really loving the time we have together. I thought it would make me feel confined...but rather I feel relaxed. It's empowering to know that my son and I can go anywhere and I have exactly what he needs and I don't need to carry anything extra with me. I encourage you to try. Good Luck finding your comfort zone!



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