What Kind Of Bottle Do I Buy

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jb - February 18

My baby is 1 week old today and I just bought a br___t pump. I got the Medela Pump in Style. I have very sore blistered nipples from the first few days of bf. I do use the lotion on the nipples and that has helped. After consulting my doctor and the lactation consultant at the hospital, they told me to go ahead and try pumping if I wanted to (so I can give my nipples a chance to heal). I know I have a healthy milk supply (I feed 20 minutes on one side for each feeding right now) so I am not concerned about that. I just want to know what is the best bottle and nipple to buy to use with my pumped milk. Money is not an issue. I just want the best. Also, my baby is a little piggy!! She can really down the milk if she wants to. She gained 4 and 1/2 ounces in the last 2 days!!! Any suggestions?


Pam - February 18

JB...I am right there with you. My baby girl is 3 weeks and I am trying to decide which bottles to use for the milk I am pumping when I go back to work. My pediatrician who has a small baby recommended Avent, which I registered for, but I have also been told to try Dr. Brown's. The lactation consultant told me find a nipple that's closest to the shape of my own and one that has a similar milk flow. I find it all very confusing because I want the transition to be as smooth as possible since I want to continue to nurse her. when I am not at work. I checked out this website http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/babyproducts/tp/tpbottles.htm It compares some of the bottles. I am going to Babies R Us to check out the bottles and nipples,,,,walmart/target don't have as much selection. Like you, I don't care how much anything costs. I just want it to work. I'll let you know how it goes...


rk - February 18

Hi my friend is a dietician and she highly recommends the Dr. Brown's. She used them herself on her daughter. I'll definately be using that brand.


jb - February 18

Thanks to both of you for your recommendations. Are any of these bottles the ones that use the liners? I think it would be easier using liners. Any thoughts on that?


katie - February 18

my baby would only take Dr. Brown's wide neck bottles. i love them. no, they have no liner. the avent we tried but they seemed to have leaking problems.


jessb - February 18

Hey jb. I hear you on the sore nipples. I have tried pumping but I cant really get anything out!! Anyways I have used the playtex ventaire bottles with the newborn nipples and my little girl could hardly get anything out!! I dont recommend those for your little piggy.


jb - February 18

Hey Jess, aren't the sore nipples a killer!!! The pediatrician was surprised at how much milk I was producing. She said I am really lucky I can nurse from just one side for such a long period of time and so soon after giving birth. I think I should have no problems with pumping milk. It seems like there is just plenty in there. Hopefully I don't sound too naive saying that!!!


jessb - February 18

Yea, I dont know what the problem is when I pump. My little girl nurses at least 15 minutes on each side. But when I try to pump on a veyr little bit comes out. I have a nice $200 advent pump. I am going to keep trying. I havent tried in a couple of days. I would love to give my nipples a rest too. They are killing me!!! They got better for a few days but are now getting sore again. :o( How is your little one sleeping at night?


jb - February 18

My little one seems ot sleep for about 2-3 hours on average. At night it seems is when she is most fussy. Usually when I feed her, she falls asleep right away. At night it seems like she is never content enough to be put back down to sleep. Last night for example, I fed her at 2am, and she was falling sleep on me. I tried to put her down and she would just cry. I kept checking her diaper, offering her more food and the cycle would repeat itself until about 5am. I think she is doing this on purpose!!!! LOL As far as the pump, yeah I think mine retails for $250 or so. I only ad to pay $100 for it through my insurance. I was happy wth that. I just sent my dh to the store to get some bottles. I had him get the avent, dr. brown adn the playtex!!! I figured I will try one and see how it works. If it is a problem,then I will just try the next one. How old was your little one when you tried pumping Jess? Probably a week old or so, right? Mine is a week old today. For some reason that I can't even explain, I am actually kind of scared to pump.I sure hope it works out.


Sarahsmommy - February 18

I was going to suggest getting a couple different ones to see which your baby likes. I find it's more what they like then what we like. It's all about them.


Olivene - February 20

I bought a couple of Playtex Natural latch bottles. They say specifically to support b___stfeeding and the nipples look pretty natural to me. They are the kind with the liners, too. I haven't had my baby so I can't tell you how well they work. Good luck!


Pam - February 23

I tried the wideneck Dr. Brown's last night and she had no trouble taking it at all. I gave her about 2 oz and then wen she finished that, I nursed her to see if she seemed hesitant to take the b___st. There was no problem. Of course, last night was the first time I have tried it so we'll see what happens. I'm gradually introducing them for my return to the office. I'm not going to try the Avent unless she seems to not want the Dr. Brown's. I am just very scared that this is all going to affect my milk or that she'll start to only want the bottle. I'm trying not to stress because I know that makes things worse, but it just makes me nervous!



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