What Pump Is Best

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Sarah - November 10

what brand of br___t pump do you all recomend? I hear avent is good. any one try it? please let me know. thanks


Hr - November 10

I have the avent purley yours LOVE IT!!!!


Ashley - November 10

I have the Medela Pump In Style, and I love it too!!


Heidi - November 10

Medela Pump In Style. I got mine used for $79 at a children's exchange store. Works awesome!


Michelle - November 17

The avent isis... can that be used for both large b___sted and smaller b___sted women?? I have been cursed with big b___sts and am wondering if it will still work the same?


mama-beans - November 17

Have to agree.. the Madela


Jen - November 17

I use the Avent isis pump and I love it. I can pump a 4 oz bottle in less than 10 mins. And to michelle I am a D and it works for me.


Kathryn - November 18

I really like the avent isis. I use it every day. I pump about 6 oz. in about ten minutes. I'm not sure about b___st size. I'm a C.


brenda - November 19

well the avent asis is the best for me, my sister had bought the evenflo and it didn't suction right so my choice was avent and the whole nursing system they are so convinient and easy to use. i would recommend it to anyone. just start with slow pumps and once the letdown flow starts do longer pumps. hope it helped


Christy - November 20

I registered for and heard nice things about the Medela Harmony manual pump, but dod not receive it. I ended up buying the Avent Isis since that is all the near-by drug store carried. Haven't used it yet, but it is good to see that it has gotten good reviews.


Heidi - November 21

The Medela Pump In Style, I can pump 6 oz in like ten minutes on both sides at medium speed. I love it!


Christy - November 21

All my friends who went with an electric pump got the Medela PIS and they raved about it. If I need something more powerful, that is what I will get.


Jamie - November 21

I've got an Avent Isis...works just fine for me, though I rarely use it.


sheila - November 23

i have the bailey nurture III pump. it's double, electric, and so far has been good. great customer service department and warranty too!



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