What To Do After A Night Out

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sterlinberlin05 - January 6

Ok I don't want to saound terrible or anything but I was wondering after the baby is old enough to stay with my mom for a night if my husband and I go out with some friends and sinec I haven't drank in obviously a long time I'll probably get wasted very quickly. When in the world is it going to be ok to nurse her again? Because obviously by the time we go get her I'll probably be very swolen so I'll need to pump and dump I assume but if I have 7 beers should I wait like 14 hours or does the whole 1-2 hours a beer get thrown off because of drinking so much?


britt_m - January 6

I'm not too much help as I'll only drink after my dd goes to bed and she sleeps all night. Of course I do have a bottle ready just in case. But I did research a while back and I remember it stays in your milk as long as its in your blood, I don't quite remember the average.


excited2bemama - January 7

i am not sure about what happens if you drink that much... I have read that once you feel fine the alcohol is probably out of your milk.. personally I don;t think i would drink that much and then nurse... I only have 1-2 drinks and then wait a few hours before nursing dd.


KDR - January 9

I did pump and dump just b/c I drank too much and didn't want to get ds drunk!


jenna32 - January 11

kdr has a great idea there! I never thought of that, was wondering the same question and didn't want my supply to decrease if i didn't nurse for awhile. just make sureyou definately clean and sterilize your pump well afterwards to.


denimb__terfly - January 12

there is no need for pumping and dumping. Alcohol is in b___stmilk as long as it is in your bloodstream. So, when it leaves your blood, it leaves the b___stmilk and the rest of your body. If you aren't feeling it anymore- it is probably safe. There are tables you can find online to know how long it takes (on average) for the alcohol to leave your system.



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