What Type Of Nipples Do U Use When Giving Baby A Bottle

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excited2bemama - February 20

Hi ladies- All you br___tfeeding pro's- I have a question for you. I have a medela pump in style and I plan on BF my baby girl when she arrives. But I was just curious if you all use a certain type of nipple and bottle system to make stwiching between bottle and br___t easier or if you just use whatever. I know alot of people have said they use the playtex nurser system but I am not a big fan of buying the disposavle bag thingies- Also I have ALOT of medela storage bottles is there any nipples and rings that fit the top of them besides the medela ones?? Thanks ladies!!!!


kellens mom - February 20

Sorry...I have no clue. We used playtex nurser nipples. Have you thought about calling Medela's 1`800 number to ask. Surely they know that not every nipple will work for every child. They likely have a good idea of what fits.


hthab - February 20

I also have the Medela pump. I bought several Avent bottles, and have been using those. Supposedly they are more similar to a real b___st, and my baby hasn't had any trouble with them, but it is kind of a pain to have to transfer from the Medela bottle to the Avent bottle. Also, the Avent bottles don't fit as well into that cute little cooler that comes with the pump. I don't know if any other nipples fit on the Medela bottles, and I think that's a good question. The only reason I went with a different brand is because the Medela nipples looked kind of cheap to me, and I was afraid he wouldn't like it. But now that I see how easily my baby takes the bottle, I'm guessing that he wouldn't really care whether the nipple is cheap or fancy. :) If you find another nipple that fits on the medela bottles, please update this posting!


Lala - February 20

b___st flow from the First Years brand


EricaLynn - February 21

Well DD has the playtex bottles and has nooo problem switching back and forth. (we use slow flow silacone nipples) I have the medela pump too and they just use standerd sized bottles. Gerber bottles fit on the pump so the gerber nipples and rings must fit on the medela bottles.....


mary b - February 23

I heard that b___st flow nipples by first years are a good choice between bottle and b___st.


Regina - February 23

My lo prefers the playtex nurser nipples, but I put them on the ventaire bottles so I don't have to mess with bags.


excited2bemama - February 23

Thanks ladies for your answers. I did almost buy the b___st flow ones-



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