What Were Your Experiences With Weight Loss

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stefkay - March 7

Hi, I'm interested to see what br___tfeeding mom's experiences have been with losing weight maybe after the 4-6 month point? I always thought that br___tfeeding helped you to lose weight and lose it pretty quickly (I know this varies from person to person). I think it did help me early on like right after my dd's birth but then I ran into some thyroid issues early on that were pregnancy related and now those are worked out but I find it VERY hard to lose weight now. I used to be able to melt the pounds off easily by watching what I ate a bit and working out for a week or so, lol. Ahhhhhh....looks like those days are gone! Anyways, I've heard from others that while br___tfeeding you may hold onto that last 10-20 lbs as it's your body's way of keeping up your supply. I am at that point where I want that last 15 lbs gone and I'm just not getting a lot of results but I workout daily and watch what I eat. I'm not "dieting" because I still bf, but I'm not eating high fat, high carb stuff. Trying to stick with sandwiches, salads, chicken, fish, veggies, etc. So I guess did you either lose or hang onto weight when you were br___tfeeding and if you hung onto it, when you quit bf'ing did the weight come off pretty quickly?


stefkay - March 7

p.s. my daughter is 8 months old


jenna32 - March 9

well,depending how much weight you gain as well. when i had dd,after pregnancy i thought that i had looked awsome for just having a baby for the first week or so. i was 130 to start with and 180 while pregnant.i never weighed myself that first week but i know i started eating like crazzy,partly because i obsessed about having really super healthy b___stmilk for her and i suppose i was also used to the idea of "eat eat eat!" while i was pregnant.Plus i'd eat every chance because i knew i'd have no time to later cuz she's a newborn! around that time i was partly b___stfeeding and about 160.Then i realized what i was doing wrong with all the eating,lack of exercise etc.So i didn't work out too much but i did when i could (honestly maybe 1ce a week)and ate better and fully b___stfed,after a bit i dropped 20 more pounds so i've been around 140 since. she's 15 months now... i know i should have shed the weight by now but it's hard for me still,especially in the winter time. i can't wait until summer, i want to buy a jogging stroller in the next month or so and go jogging,since it could be a little easier now that she's a bit older now.


Whitney - March 10

When I had my son 3 1/2 years ago, I weighed 120 before I had him, then I went up to 150 while pregnant. I BF him until 11 months & I went to 130 when he was about 6 months & stayed there. After I stopped BFing I started running & working out more & dropped the last 10 pounds in about 2 months. Now with my daughter who's 8 months, almost the exact same thing is happening again... I was 120 then up to 147 while pregnant, I'm now 133 but still BFing & I plan on weaning her again around 10 or 11 months, then I going to start running hardcore again & hope to drop those last 13 pounds. I'm not in a rush to lose the last 13 because I'm worried it will affect my milk supply. I also don't really work out at all right now, I'm too busy chasing my 3 year old (that's a work out for me :) & it's also winter right now, I'm in Canada so it's cold. But in April it will get really nice again & I plan on putting the kids in the double jogging stroller & I hope the pounds will come off then.


jenna32 - March 12

if you are worried about weight i'd strongly suggest working out through your pregnancy.Although it could have a lot to do with genes as well. i know i tried jogging on and off through pregnancy and still had a 9 lb 13 oz baby! i slowed right down in the last trimester and tried to work out a little throughout but i was afraid of overdoing it so i didn't do it too much,maybe 20 minutes a couple times a week of jogging. i'd ask someone more experienced in that stuff. i hate it, sometimes i think i just gained too much and i willneed a tummy tuck to get rid of it. :(


micsmms3 - March 14

I was 120 before I got PG, and I gained 35 lbs during my pregnancy so I was 155 at the end. My lo was 6 lbs, 14 oz. Now, 3 1/2 months later- I am at 125. The suspicious 5 lbs seems like more by the looks of it though! I think I look more like 10 lbs bigger than before. I am BF-ing, and I really hope I see it drop away from my body, I can't get my pre-pregnancy jeans past my thighs... sigh. ; ( I suppose I'll have to put some exersize into my life in the near future.


stefkay - March 19

Hi girls! Thanks for your replies. I almost forgot I'd posted this here and thought I'd update. Well, I sound a lot like you all as my "regular weight" used to be around 120 (I'm 5'6") but I gained some and held on to it prior to my daughter's pregnancy b/c I'd had some early pregnancies and then miscarriages in that year or two prior so I started her pregnancy at about 135 and when I went to the hospital to have her I was 167. I think I left the hospital weighing like 147 or something. For months I could not crack 140 and now I think I am at about 135 so it seems the exercise is starting to work. It's just taking time. I work out almost daily (mostly treadmill and some elliptical) and I do some weights b/c I know muscle burns more calories. Anyways I can fit back in my prepregnancy jeans, but MICMMS3, I found that a couple of pairs that were hipsters don't fit like they used to around the hip bones and I think that is b/c your pelvis does widen a bit after when giving birth and will probably stay that way. I do feel better overall and less flabby! :) I started to feel my milk supply going down so I started taking fenugreek and it has helped. I'm trying to pump a bit more too to keep it up even more but it's hard to find time w/ taking care of an almost 9 month old, working from home, bf'ing AND feeding solids. Whew! Well, my goal at this point is to get down to like 130 or 125. I honestly can't imagine being 120 again as it seems like I'd look anorexic to be that size again having been so much bigger in my pregnancy, lol. I'll keep y ou all posted. I almost gave up the bf'ing recently and started mixing with formula but only did it for 2 days and decided to just stick to it and I think we will make it to a year hopefully. It's just hard to feed dd at this stage b/c she wants to look around, kick me in the face and just is soooooo active! :)


micsmms3 - March 20

stefkay, i can't imagine what my lo will be at 9 mos! I give her formula at night time, just because my supply seems to not be enough to get her through a good sleep (for the both of us...). I was happy to hear that you have been taking fenugreek, I will have to look into that! I am currently looking for a job, and would love to find something that is work from home. I can't imagine how terrible it will be to leave her every day. The couple of times a week that I may leave her, I'm heartbroken. She is 3 1/2 months old, and she screams before I am even out of the house! ; ( All of my old jeans are the super cute hipster ones, from a great botique in LA! Darn, I will surely miss them! Clothes in general are a challenge for me right now! I live in ugly sweats (yuck...), and my one pair of jeans that fit are super skinny jeans, and long so they really only look good with heels. That doesn't go well with the carseat, diaper bag, and my purse. So, I am no longer the stylish girl I was before! I want to buy some new jeans but don't want to spend the $ right now. So, I'll keep looking not so good in my one pair of jeans for now.


stefkay - March 25

Don't worry, you will get there and before you know it you'll be that stylish MOM you totally can be :) I have felt terrible in sweats and messy hair for about 8 months now so I recently did like whole facial treatment, bought some makeup, got hair done, bought a new curling iron and tossed all of my old (comfy) yet frumpy pajama pants and sweats. I'm making myself go buy some cute workout clothes to stay motivated and try to at least put some makeup on before I leave the house. I never did since my daughter was born. I am feeling a lot better but still not losing alot of weight. I think I am eating healthy, but still probably too much overall to lose weight fast. That's ok as I think I'd be sick if I ate any less since I've been used to my subway foot longs, lol. Hey, it's better than mcdonalds! :)


micsmms3 - March 29

OOOOh, i love subway footlongs... I always get tuna with pepperjack, and finish the whole thing! YUM! Sounds like you have done some things for you, which is important! It's better to eat healthy, so stick with that! Loosing weight quickly just means it will come back. At least that's what I always have gone by... the slower the lbs go, the more likely they are to stay gone. I do hope that I get stylish again... Thanks for your optimistic words! I did go out and buy a pair of very very cheap jeans (15$ at tjmax!). They help, because they are really comfortable and now I can have more shoe options and not have to worry about stumbling down steps with all the stuff I'm carrying!


micsmms3 - March 29

OH, and since we are BF-ing, we must eat! On days that I haven't eaten really good meals, I notice that I have less milk. The milk is the most important thing, so we must eat! And eat well!


stefkay - April 4

Yes, I must remember I'm still making milk for my dd and will try to do so for another 3 months (she'll be 9 months this week! wow). Anyways, update, still not much weight loss. I feel a tad thinner and better proportioned. I guess more toned is more like it, but still the scale is sitting at freaking 139. P__ses me off so badly :( I know muscle weighs more than fat, but I don't bodybuild and I read that that applies more to people who build a LOT Of muscle. That's not me. I do light weights every other day. You know what is funny though. I got so frustrated 3 days ago after trying on a pair of my skinnier pre pregnancy jeans and they still were wayyyy too tight that I said screw it and didn't work out for like 3 days and ate whatever I wanted. Last night I tried those jeans on again to torture myself and they fit!!!! WTF? I don't get it. I have no idea what to do so maybe just work out and eat whatever I want, lol ;) I think it is just going to be a slower process than I thought. I'm not in my 20s anymore AND I had a baby. I'll still keep updating though...


stefkay - April 4

oh, I meant to add to what I usually eat each day when being "good", lol. I typically have a banana and maybe 2 pieces of dry toast for breakfast, a lean cuisine meal for lunch (no time to cook nowadays) and then for dinner I get like a subway footlong--turkey and ham with provolone toasted. No mayo or anything like that and then a bag of baked lays and a diet coke. I really don't think that is too much food, but maybe I'm wrong. I swear if I cut that back to a 6" sub I'm gonna die of hunger! ha ha



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