When Breastfeeding Should Stop

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Shannon - November 15

i was reading another post when i was inspired to see what everyone thought- when do you think mothers should stop br___tfeeding their kids? in this other post a couple people thought that nursing past 2 yrs old was gross (i'm paraphrasing). i'm just curious what everyone thinks.


Tracy - November 15

I do think that bf past two is a bit odd. I realize that it's giving them nutrients, and whatever - but by that age, they can get all the nutrients they need from another source.


April - November 15

Until the mother and baby feel it's no longer right for them. I personally think it's good for babies to wean themselves when they are ready. My daughter nursed until 2 1/2 years. I have never seen a five year old nursing. I don't know what I'd do if my baby wanted to nurse that long.


Vanaseregwen - November 16

I nursed until I started to "dry up" at 5 months. I went back to work and felt pressured to put off or shorten my pumping. I have since changed positions and plan to try to feed my baby girl-due in 2 months-for a year. I know myself well enough that I can't live without good old caffienated beverages much longer then that. I also know that sneaking one every once in a while is a huge no-no!! A caffinated baby is a BAD thing!!


Sophie - November 16

I think I will nurse my baby until he weans himself. Van - I drink two cups of coffee every day. I just looked it up in my baby book it says that you don't have to give up coffee, tea or chocolate because only 0.5 - 1% of the maternal dose of caffeine enters the b___st milk. Although some babies may be hypersensitive to it.


April - November 17

I was just reading an old issue of Mothering Magazine and I found some interesting stats. In the U.S. fewer than half of all babies are exclusively b___stfed in the hospital. By six months only 19 percent receive any b___stmilk and only 2 percent of one year olds. The average age of weaning worldwide is 4.2 years!


Sarah - November 17

I also plan to b___stfeed till my daughter self weans. I know lots of people who b___stfed past 2 yrs and it didn't seem gross at all. There are so many benefits!!


Jamie - November 17

I too will b___stfeed until she self-weans. Tracy, most children/parents who b___stfeed beyond 2 years do it for comfort, not nutrition; it becomes psychological, rather than physiological.


Vanaseregwen - November 17

My son must have been hypersensitive. (Just my luck!) Also, I took Aspirin free Excedrine. Instead of getting a dose of caffiene over time, it was all at once. When I pumped, I put a little "c" on the milk bags so I knew which could have it in there. He was definately more cranky and wakeful when he had the "c" milk. As much as I loved the bonding, health benefits, and cost savings of b___stfeeding-I'd go crazy dealing with it for much over a year. The ladies that can handle it for 2 or more years must be angels in disguise!!


Sarah - November 17

From what I've read there are many health benefits to b___stfeeding past 2 years. Look it up at kellymom.com.


mama-beans - November 17

I b___stfed my DD until she weaned herself at 8 months ( just didn't want to hold still, preferred the bottle daddy gave her when I was out) and at that time I didn't have a good pump and it would take me HOURS to get a few ounces.. so we (unfortunately) went to formula. Once she decided she didn't want to b___stfeed, there was no changing her mind. Kind of hurt my feelings till my mother informed me the I did the same thing to her.. go figure. I plan to b___stfeed this one until s/he weans themself as well, wether that is 8 months or 2 years. If my child NEEDS the nutrients of comfort that b___stfeeding provides, there is NO WAY I am going to deny them!


C - November 19

I hope to b___stfeed for at least a year. I watch my niece who eats like a bird and I swear if my sister didn't b___stfeed her until she was a year she would have gotten very sick. Cows milk just doesn't have everything they need and formula is too expensive for some people to continue using after a year. I am finding it harder and harder to pump at work as well. My son is 6.5 months and is starting to bite me a lot. My husband suggested just pumping but I hate pumping the times I already have to do it. During the week we're fine but on the weekends it's hard to just b___stfeed. Does anyone else out there struggle with this? I think it'd so much easier if I didn't have to work full time.


Louise - November 20

Up to five, but three and a half is my prefered limit.


kr - November 20

It' so exciting to learn of all these b___st moms! I plan to nurse my baby at last a year if not two. By and by, has anyone noticed all the bottle propaganda and advertising? It wasn't till I decided to do the breats that I started seeing o many pictures of babies with bottles


mama-beans - November 20

Ha ha.. yes, but you can SELL a bottle, b___sts are free! I like how the HUGE thing in marketing now is "more like the b___st" when, when you see the nipples, my only thought was " well there must be something wrong with my b___st..."


Jamie - November 21

mama-beans, that's no joke...who has nipples like that????


kr - November 21

mama-beans, that is exactly what I am talking about. Those nasty nips are in blatant dissregard for the way natural nips function. Has anyone read "The Complete Book of Breastfeeding"?



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