When Can I Pump And Offer Bottled Breast Milk

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Kelleyb - November 13

I'm due with my second baby Dec. 23 and want to give br___t feeding a try (I did not nurse my first son). I hope people don't think I'm a selfish mom , but I really want to be able to pump a little so my husband can do at least one late night feeding so I can can a break. As it is, my son is 2 years old and keeps my on my toes and very busy. I know I'm not the only mom in the world to have a 2 year old and a new born, but I just know my body and know that I'm going to need a little feeding help from my hubby. I realize he can help me in other ways, but I really would like the help with one feeding. ANyway, my question is, how soon can I pump and offer one bottle to the baby? Majority of information I've read totally opposes offering bottles due to nipple confusion. However, I spoke to a mom who offered a bottle when the baby was about a week old, and her daughter did not get confused. Also, can anyone suggest a type of bottle that is most similar to the br___t. Sorry this is so long, but I'm desperate. Thank you everyone!


fifijeep - November 14

Hi Kelley, I also was told by my midwife to wait to introduce the bottle until bf was well established. I waited till 2 weeks, and ds had no problems going between b___st and bottle. The only problem I had was I began to pump too much and nurse during the day, and became a milk machine! I had to cut back majorly on the pumping and now just pump the excess in the morning and again at night. I use dr. browns, because they have to suck out the milk similar to the b___st. There have been recent warnings about the bottles and leakage of chemicals, but just make sure to wash them with hot, soapy water and not put them in the microwave or dishwasher. Hope this helps!


Kelleyb - November 14

fifijeep, thanks so much for the information. I'm glad to hear that it is possible to start introducing the bottle early on. I was going to ask a lactation consultant about it, but I know she's going to do her best to sway me away from introducing the bottle early on. Glad to hear the Dr. Browns work well because I used those with my first son. They were a major pain to clean, but they totally prevented him from being ga__sy. Thanks again!


excited2bemama - November 14

Its best to wait until b___stfeeding is well established. This can occur sometime between 2-6 weeks. I gave (well actually dh did it) our dd a bottle of pumped milk at 2.5 weeks. She never had any issues nursing and I had a HUGE supply so it wasn't an issue. She is 5.5 months now and gets a few bottles of pumped milk a week. She does occasionally fuss about the bottle on and off- definately prefers the b___b. As far as what bottle to use... every baby has a preference... aand alot of it depends on your own nipple shape and size. My dd likes the Envenflo comfy bottles and nipples. I tried a new nipple on her last week and she wouldn't take it. There is a bottle called b___stflow that some people swear by and others love the playtex nursers. You just buy one of each and try them out on your lo. Good luck.


Val - November 14

Hi Kelley! I don't think you're selfish at all... actually I think it's nice for the dads to get to feed their little ones... I really think it helps with bonding. We started our baby on pumped milk with a feeding tube because he was having issues with weight loss at the start. My husband did it - it was pretty easy and didn't cause any confusion (you give the baby milk via a tube that you put in their mouth with your finger.) We started with a bottle around 5 weeks I think.... we use the Breastflow bottles and have really liked them. They do have the bpa in them (I didn't find out about that until recently, but we did have some latch issues, so I wanted a nipple that was similar to the bb), but I don't heat the milk in them - I use the Medela bottles that I pump into. Good luck!


danimarie - November 16

Hey...I have a 7 month old. We did the first bottle at 2.5 weeks old. She was latching GREAT from day 1 and b___stfeeding was going smoothly. I think that is the key. I tried the Breastflow bottles and she wouldn't latch on to them at all. I ended up using the Gerber Nuk bottles cause of the nipple shape. When trying to get them to do bottle and b___st it really just is up to what the baby feels most comfortable with (as far as what bottle to use). I thought it was crazy that it could really make that big of a difference but Kenzie wouldn't eat AT ALL from the b___stflow and latched right on and downed a bottle with the NUK. So it really is true that they can prefer one over another. You aren't being selfish at all. Kenzie is my first and I STILL had my dh help with night feedings. Kenzie does still prefer the b___st best....but at least I have the option of giving her a bottle.


britt_m - November 17

My DH introduced the bottle at two weeks as well. We use the playtex nursers, way less gas/air gets in their tummies. My little one will now take any thing, other bottles (just takes her a second to figure it out) and sippy cups.) She gets a bottle once a week and a sippy each night with dinner.


Kelleyb - November 20

Thank you all for sharing your experiences with me regarding introducing the bottle to your babies. You've made me feel that it's OK to introduce the bottle early on in a little one's life. and it can work. Every book I read about it totally tries to sway readers to avoid the bottle due to confusion. I'm thinking I will get a few different bottles and see which one he will prefer. Again, thank you so much!!



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