When Can I Start To Pump

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Christy - November 13

I just had my baby six days ago. I have some engorgement and was wondering about pumping as I want to start pumping as soon as I can so my husband and family can start giving him a bottle when we reach the four week mark. Should I use a manual pump for engorgement? How soon can I start? How and when do you add the pumping in along with the feedings? Also, how do you store expressed milk- in the freezer? Any advice/info is appreciated.


KFish - November 15

I started pumping right away to bring in my milk. my son was in the nicu. I added pumping after the feedings when he got home and I had my husband feed him 2 oz at a time to see if he was still hungry. I wanted to have enough milk. I put the milk in the refrigerator. For long time storage, you need to put them in the freezer.


Heidi - November 15

Start pumping when you feel comfortable. I waited till my nipples weren't cracked anymore! When I got engorged after like 5-6 days I used a hand pump as you don't get much milk. I use those Gerber storage bags. You keep them in the fridge for about an hour before freezing it or put it in a bottle and warm it up under the sink if you want your hubby to feed your baby. I introduced a bottle at like two weeks without any problem for one feeding a day. The rule with pumping is pump after your done nursing your baby for 15 minutes even if you're not getting any milk. The stimulation will help produce more milk. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water too before and after you pump. Good luck!


brenda - November 19

well i started pumping at the hospital because i didnt see any colustrum thru all my pregnancy and even after baby was born by the second day in hospital i was able to pump some colustrum and then put baby on b___st. ive been pumping ever since and my baby had no problem getting the hang of bottle and b___st at two weeks also. but all babies are different. at the begenning like you said so that my husband could feed her i would pump when i new her next feeding time was about ten or fifteen minutes away so that my husband could feed her. good luck


Sarah - November 19

I started pumping 3 days after my baby was born to help my milk come in faster. I had a manuel one to start with but a few weeks ago I got an electric one and it's so much better. My arm doesn't hurt anymore! But I have not been using it lately b/c my dd won't take a bottle so theres no point in pumping it.


Christy - November 20

Sarah- how old is your daughter? I am wondering because it sounds like there is a timeframe in which they may take a bottle, but beyond that, they won't. I bought a manual pump yesterday, but have not worked up the courage (they're a little intimidating looking) or time to use it yet. I think I may wait at least a few more days. Thanks for the advice- any more thoughts are always appreciated.


Sarah - November 20

My dd is 11.5 weeks. We have been trying to offer a bottle of expressed b___st milk since she was 3 weeks and believe me we have tried EVERYTHING. It became such a nightmare. Her Dr said she may take when shes a little older or go straight to sippy cup. For most of my b___stfeeding questions I look on kellymom.com. Hope that helps!


Christy - November 21

Sarah- my friend's dtr was the same way. She had all this milk stored in the freezer she ended up dumping b/c Reese wouldn't take a bottle. Some kids don't like 'em, I guess. Does your dtr take a pacifier? I tried to give one to Ben a few days ago and he kept spitting it out. I wonder if that will mean he may not take kindly to the bottle. As for the website, I checked it out when you mentioned it on another thread- difinitely one I bookmarked. Thanks again for the advice.


Allyson - November 22

i have a question about b___st feeding... i am 7 weeks pregnant and i want to b___st feed but not off the b___st i feel a little weird doing it that way. is it possable that the hospital will let me pump when in there to get the milk ready for when i take the baby home. because i heard they wont let u feed the baby b___st milk if ur not feeding off the b___st in the hospital. if they wont let me does that mean i have to give the baby formula till i go home then start pumping?? if this doesn't make sence im sorry... im new to this...


Christy - November 22

Allyson- ask your hospital where you are delivering what their policy is on pumping. Considering that mothers of preemies pump their milk at the hospital, I can't see why they wouldn't let you.



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