When Did Breastfeeding Get Easier For You And Your LO

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DB - February 9

My dd is 10 days old. I think we're having a hard time with BF. She can take up to 10-15 minutes to finally latch on and stay on. Then she'll eat for 5-15 mins straight and stop. We burp her and put her back on, where we spend more time trying to get her to latch on and then she'll eat again for a few minutes...this cycle goes on and on and on. She did this for 2 hours yesterday and last night. I finally called the lactation consultant because I was frustrated and crying and she said she's probably having a growth spurt which is why she's "cluster feeding". I'm just wondering if anyone else went through this and when did it finally get easier for you and baby, ie, when did s/he get the latching on part down and start to feed a little faster?? I'm trying not to give up!!


kellens mom - February 9

Dd and I were terribly uncoordinated and had difficulty with the latch. The only way that I could nurse her for the first 3 months of her life was in the football hold. It seemed like the first month was very difficult and incredibly time consuming. Once latched, it would take our dd 45 minutes to an hour to eat. It seemed like we would just finish the cycle (feeding, diaper change, small nap) and the cycle would start all over again. I remember that life got a lot easier for us around 2 months old. Like you, I was considering not nursing. I just kept saying "one more week". Finally we got to the point were it was easy for both of us. Hang in there!


spamanda - February 9

DB -- nursing probably got easier for ds and I at about a month. I was less tired, he was more awake, and we were both more coordinated, lol. I had a hard time getting ds to eat for more than 10 minutes at a time... turns out he's just a fast eater. I also discovered that if I waited a while, he would be hungry again and more willing to latch and eat. You might want to give this a try. Also, if she's fussy right away after eating, hand her over to someone else for a while... she might be ga__sy or tired and not actually hungry, BUT if she's around you she'll want to nurse. This made a big difference for us. Don't force her to eat (unless she's underweight or there's some other problem) because it will just become more stressful for the both of you. Even now at 4.5 mos., ds still only eats one side at a time, and he eats for about 10-15 minutes. If you're still having trouble with the latch, see if you can go meet with a lactation consultant. Sometimes it helps to meet with them in person so they can actually see what's happening. Try to relax as much as you can and I hope it gets better. Good for you sticking it out! It WILL get better!


alverran - February 9

Hello DB, just as Kellens Mom said, I was in the same boat as you. My husband had to help dd to get latched on and it took one hour to feed her... I was feeding her 10 - 12 times a day... It was tiring, frustrating and just time consuming. Then I just thought... Until I go back to work, then until December... Now, I want to continue doing this for as long as I am able to. Dd is now 6 months old and it's a piece of cake. It does get better and the special time the two of you have together is so special. I still pose questions out here all the time. Good luck and enjoy motherhood.


tryingx3 - February 9

Don't give up DB...it does get better and you finally realize it HAS to be easier than bottle feeding! :-) I think it was closer to the 4 wk mark for me. I had many tell me the 1st two weeks were the hardest...week 3 was hard for me as dd was not tolerating milk in my diet.


EB - February 10

I would say somewhere around the 1 month mark, I though the pain was very manageable. It slowly decreased over time, but those first few weeks are TOUGH! In terms of latch, try holding the back of LO's head with your hand. Hold a few inches from nipple. Then when you see LO's mouth open really wide, take LO head and direct her mouth to the nipple. Do this QUICKLY! If the latch is not good, unlatch by stinking your pinky in the side and start again. To be honest, even if you do get the latch correctly, it can still be exquisitely painful. Your nipples are still getting used to being chewed by LO. Hand in there!


DB - February 10

It's funny that the nipple pain is the least stressful part!! I think they've toughened up a bit already. I do hold her head and push her on, and even when it feels like a great latch she'll push herself off. Sometimes she'll do that for like 10-15 minutes. That's when I get really frustrated. Other times she'll latch on great the 1st time and stay on for only 2-3 minutes, if she stays on for 10 mins in a row I'm thrilled. Today her feedings have taken about 45 mins each. Hopefully we'll get this soon.


EricaLynn - February 10

Welcome to newborn Breastfeeding. It was hard for me to not give up too, dont worry. Bailey (my dd) was born in a growth spurt, when unfortunately i had no milk. She literaly ate all day and night for like 3 days until it came in. She is now almost 6 weeks and its gotten better. Before it took her about 45 minutes each side to eat....now it takes about 20-35 minutes total for her to nurse. She always had a good latch, from day one. I know the cluster feeding is hard. It hurt me soooo bad and I was in tears everytime she ate. I expressed milk for her and gave her bottles for a while to give my nipples a break. I wouldnt suggest it though if your LO has a hard time latching. Maybe you should try squeezing a little milk out of your b___st before trying to latch her on. I do that and she smells the food and doesnt get frustrated that it doesnt come out right away. I dont know what to tell you really except that I went through this and I know how hard it is. Stick with it though we are all here for your support!


EricaLynn - February 10

tryingx3 I totally agree about the bottle feeding. At first I thought bottle feeding would be easier, but now that my DD is getting the hang of nursing I realize how easy it is! It is soooo much easier then when I was expressing milk for her ALL the time. Now she will sleep for 4-7 hours at a time and if she wakes up I can just shove the b___b at her face and fall back asleep! No bottles to hold or mix or warm, yay!


DB - February 11

Ok, another question then...Do you know when I should let her eat on her own schedule. By that I mean the nurses and pediatricians told me she needs to eat every 2-3hours during the day and every 3-4 hours at night. Sometimes she'll sleep 4+ hours during the day and when I wake her up she isn't ready to eat. She's only 12 days old now, so I don't know if its ok not to wake up her yet. We go back to the ped. on Thurs. I was going to ask them too. She was very fussy and cluster feeding again this morning. Basically 7:30am-10am...I'm so tired now.


EricaLynn - February 11

I never woke my daughter to eat. If she fell asleep, so did I. She slept for 5 hours during the day when she was about 3-4 days old. I enjoyed the nap. I told myself as long as she was gaining weight I would not wake her to eat unless it was the middle of the day. She was about 9 lbs when born though, so it was pretty easy to keep weight on the little porker!


DB - February 13

Thanks for all the answers. We're still having a really hard time. I'm not giving up yet, but i'm really thinking about it. I don't know how many weeks to give her to see if she can get this down. The lactation consultant didn't help me at all. I guess i'll just try to wait it out.


EricaLynn - February 13

When my dd wouldnt latch but I knew she was hungry I would gently but firmly shove her on after her mouth was wide open. I would make her stay there untli she latched and ate. If she repet_tively pulled off and cried I would a__sume something else was wrong and try a diaper change and some swaddeling or something. Good luck! I know its hard to keep doing!!!!



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