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Skyeblue - October 16

Hello there. My dd is 6 months and I exclusively bf for 4 months and now I bf 3 times a day and supplement with formula and 1-2 "meals" of mashed fruit. I still havent had my period and I really hope I am not pregnant...Just wondering when other bf moms got their periods. Thanks in advance


excited2bemama - October 16

HAHA.. 5.5 WEEKS post partum.. and yes I am totally b___stfeeding my lo.... :o(


amleh - October 16

Four months after the first child. Got pregnant the next cycle. 9 months after the second child. Got pregnant again when he was 15 months.


wailing - October 17

First one 6 wks pp. Then 2nd REAL one at 3 months pp.


wailing - October 17

Just so u know, there were 2 X's I thought I was preggo again too. But, apparently alot of the symptoms I had before my period were the same ones u get while preggo. Nausea, dizziness, hot flashes, bad temper (haha). Hormones are just nuts


lily10 - October 17

I got mine at 10 weeks pp and then agian at 13 weeks pp. I think I am getting mine because I am on the mini pill.


nounou159 - October 18

i am 7 months pp and don't have my period till now,i am on the mini pill and b___st feeding like 4 times during the day and supplement with solid food and 2 times during the night


Jen - October 18

I got mine at 10 months pp. I have been on the mini pill since he was 1 month and my doc said I would get it with being on the mini pill but it didn't come till 10 months pp.


jessfromTX - October 18

I'm EBF'ing... no supplementing... mine returned at 4 months pp. I was shocked.


LaurenMerf - October 18

With my daughter, I didn't get mine until 8 months pp.


danimarie - October 23

My daughter is 6 months old and I bf 5 times a day....she also gets baby food for 3 meals. I still haven't gotten my period. As of 3 weeks ago I wasn't pregnant..............


lunamoo - October 23

I am in the same boat. DD is almost 7 months and i still bf 4 times a day more or less. still no period and iam afraid to take a HPT, but will do this weekend.....yikes!


EricaLynn - November 4

Bailey is 10 months old and I am still AF free:D



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