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jenna32 - July 5

just wondering,trying to get a rough estimate of when mine could come back,if at all (atleast until i stop br___tfeeding).dd is 7 months. i hope it doesn't come back or i won't be in a good mood having my period and having to take care of a baby must be real annoying when it comes back if you're like me and get a heavy flow.


maryg - July 7

Mine came back at 8-9 months PP. Hope yours doesn't!


Kiersten - July 8

Mine never did! When my ds was just over 6 months we found out we were expecting again. :) I was exclusively b___stfeeding and apparently got pregnant the first time I O'ed (not sure even when that was yet). I'm not sure what would be worse. The horrible cramps and all that "fun" stuff with a period or the incredible exhaustion, sickness and hormones with pregnancy. I may never know if we keep going at this rate!!! lol GL


staci - July 8

my dd is almost 8 months and no period, yayy! it's nice huh? I feel like mine may be coming ver soon though, please no! I am also worried about having a period and taking care of my lo, I have horrible periods!


JudySignoriello - July 8

My baby will be 9 months in 2 weeks and still not period (blissful!) I am now only b___stfeeding 2-3 times daily


BeccaBaby1 - July 9

I am 5.5 mo pp and no period yet... but last month and the same time this month I got cramps. A sign it's on the way? Don't know.


KOGreer - July 10

I finally got mine at 9 months PP. And I say finally because we were ready to try for baby number two. But in the last almost 4 months, I have only had it twice. So it is very irregular still, and makes for baby making a little unpredictable. Any one that did get their period after b___st feeding, how long did it take for it to become regular?


Tory1980 - July 13

Mine just returned after 7.5 months with my fourth baby. With my second it returned after 5months, my third after 8months and it was regular as clockwork. I used to have an incrediblky heavy flow and they lasted 7-10days easily. Since having them they have gotten lighter each time and shorter. The one I have just had lasted 5 days with the fifth day barely being spotting.


AfternoonLane - July 17

I got mine back when DS was just a few days shy of 11 mos. We were still BFing a lot then (several times per day and a couple of times at night, too). It was like clockwork when it came - the same length cycles as before I got preg, too. I started working PT (2 days per week) when DS was 6 mos old and started pumping then - I think that was when my body started trying to ovulate again - had PMSy symptoms off and on for several months until I finally did get my period. My mom didn't have a period for almost 2 years after she had me (didn't get one until I weaned.... and my DS was conceived that very same month). I also know a woman who only BFed for 6 weeks and then switch her DS to formula when she went back to work. She didn't get her period back for about 18 months. So, everyone is different!



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