When Did Your Period Return After Breastfeeding

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sugar+spice - February 2

hi all of you! i br___tfed my baby when she was born but not exclusivly, and i had my first period at 6 weeks, which was dec.7, i expected my second one jan.3 but never got it. i then stopped br___tfeeding cause i couldnt stand feeling like i was going to get my period. i was due again just a couple of days ago and it still hasnt returned. i thought it would if i stopped b/f. any one have any answers or been in this same situation? thank you very much!


jg - February 2

I b___stfed exclusively, but still got my period four weeks after birth, and when I stopped b___stfeeding at six months it just kept on going as normal. Different for everyone I guess. Hey you aren't pregnant again are you?? LOL Sorry for that....


sugar+spice - February 2

ha ha funny.... i've done 3 HPT but all neg. so i dont know. figured if i got one period, id keep getting them.


jg - February 2

I just remembered that my sister-in-law said the same thing as you, she got one period (four months after having baby) but then nothing, and it's been about 8 weeks and still nothing. She is still partly b___stfeeding so we guessed that her hormones are probably still all over the place and it might just take a little while to get back to normal. Perhaps it's the same with you.


April - February 3

With my first I didn't get my period for 18 months YEAH! Then when it did come back I got it every 50ish day for a while gradually it when back to normal. Every 28 days it wasn't evrn that regular before I had my daughter. Now with my second he will be 7 months on the 13th and I still haven't got it back yet. It's all about how much you b___stfeed. I nurse on demand day and night, he sleeps with us.


Heidi - February 3

Four months here and still no period! Ha ha! And I don't miss it.


L - February 3

One year.


L...Hannah's Mom - February 3

27 months for my first...my period came one after I completely stopped b___stfeeding. I am currentlyt bf my 5 month old and no period yet.


sugar+spice - February 3

hmm.. all interesting, did anyone spot a little?


L..Hannah's Mom - February 3

No spotting, whatsoever.


sugar+spice - February 3

im so sorry! i have one more question... did you ever feel like you were going to get your period at all?


babygirls1st - February 3

My baby is 5mos old i've been b___stfeeding/pumping exclusively. My period returned 5wks after birth. I've had 2 more since then. Im waiting for my period this month due anytime.


Deana - February 4

My son is 14 months old today and I just stopped b___stfeeding about 6 days ago - (boy are my b___bs VERY SORE) I haven't gotten my period yet - My question is, My husband and I want to have another child and we have already started trying - What are my chances since I haven't gotten/or had my period? Will I have to wait until it comes back to become pregnant again? We really want this to happen, but i'm just concerned since I b___stfeed exclusively day/night, will it happen as soon as we hoped? Can anyone share any light on this for me. Thanks!


L...Hannah's Mom - February 5

Hi Deana....I b___stfed my first baby for about 27 months. After I completely stopped, my period returned 1 month later and I became pregnant right away. Good luck to you :) To sugar+spice...I never feel like I am going to get my period either.


Heidi - February 6

At about 12 wks I had a little spotting. Just sort of that brownish stuff but not much. Just enough to notice and then it was gone.


olivia - February 6

I just got mine at 5 1/2 months. We just started giving her some food at night and it came a week later. I was surprised because it was not like she ate a lot of the food.


Amasu - February 7

I wish I was one of the lucky ones! My babies are four months old today...and I just had my *fourth* period since their birth...and I have twins that I have been pumping for.



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