When Did Your Period Return After Breastfeeding

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Amasu - February 7

I wish I was one of the lucky ones! My babies are four months old today...and I just had my *fourth* period since their birth...and I have twins that I have been pumping for.


Deana - February 7

Thank you all for giving me your input on your personal experiences. Not that I really want my period to come back :) but I do want my body to return back to normal so its ready to get pregnant again. Once I get over this soreness with my b___bs I'll be in better shape. I'm taking Motrin around the clock to help with the pain! Stopping the b___stfeeding is not an easy thing to adjust to, its painful! Thanks Again!


olivia - February 7

http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/fertility.html there is good information here on b___stfeeding and fertility.


olivia - February 7

remove the - before the word normal in the url


Ange - February 8

5 1/2 months-still no period


sugar+spice - February 9

well, i just got my af today, actually yesterday,but its really heavy today and im kinda scared! is that normal?


Briannasmommy - February 13

I'm going through the same thing. I had light bleeding for about 5 days after my seventh week. I wasn't sure if it was a period or not because it was so light...but it was just a little more than spotting. But I've had nothing since then. I could have sworn I was going to start a few days ago, but now the feeling is gone. And my hair is coming out a lot!!! :(


Bethany - February 23

I am in the same situation. I had my son in october. Had a little bleeding in december, but not a full period. And still have not yet had it. I recently stopped b___stfeeding less than a month ago. And just went off of my "minni pill" form of birth control. Shouldn't I have had one?


Deana - February 23

Well I got my period!! I guess its a good thing, I now know that my body is getting back to normal. I'll tell you one thing, now that I have it back, I didn't miss it for the last 2 years..... So it took a month to return after I stopped b___stfeeding! Hopefully now my husband and I can I started tracking my temp this morning so I can chart it, just to make sure I'm ovulating. Our son will be 15 months next weekend, We can't wait to have another one!! We just wish they could have been a little bit closer together.; thats okay...... Wish us luck!!


HANNAHs Mom - February 24

Congrats & good luck Deana! :)


Natty - February 28

Hey Deana, I am in the exact same situation though I am still b___stfeeding, but only twice a day now (had to cut down to encourage ovulation). Our child is 17 months old and I hadn't had a period since Nov 2004!!!! We want a baby sometym this year. I was so excited when I finally got my period earlier on this month and so we will be TTC from next month! I am hoping I do get a period again and on tym this coming month too. Becoz I could have sworn I did ovulate last week right on day 15!!! Good luck...Let me know how it all works out for you..


Deana - February 28

Hey Natty! Its good to know that people are in the same boat as me! I am excited that I got my period and I am hoping that my ovualtion has returned, we'll see as I keep track of my temp in the mornings. Except I forgot, is it when your temp rises and stays up when your ovualting or is it vise versa? Its been 2 years.... I think i remember it going up and then you had to have s_x during that 24 hour period. Hopefully, it will work out. It was strange to get my period back, like you I haven't had mine since 2004 too.. It was a great feeling, but now that I'm ready to have another child and I recently stopped nursing, my body is ready and I'm ready to get back in the swing of things. I will let you know how it goes and maybe i'll be able to share some good news with you soon... We just can't try to hard or think about it too much, or else it won't work.. I really believe that!! Keep me posted!!


Kate - March 1

Hi, I just had my second baby. I had my first in winter 04. I b___stfeed exclusively for 8 months and then starting adding formula because we wanted to try for baby #2. I finally had to stop b___stfeeding all together at 11 months because my period hadn't returned. It took another 2 months to get my period and then at least a cycle or two to get normal. I think every woman is different -- it takes some longer than others, and some can't b___stfeed at all and get their period. ~ Anyway, for those of you already trying for another baby... best of luck to you!! :)


Natty - March 2

Deana, I don't know how to do all that tempreture stuff...i just check out the cervical mucus and when it's clear and stretchy, and i have a slight pain just below my abdomen on the one side i know it' s o tym. I really pay attention to all the signs, besides the temp thing. I am always checking my discharge and make a mental note each day!! I used to be quite accurate and am hoping after the 2 year break i can get back into the swing of things easily...I am so excited about this and hoping we can conceive soon soon... A December baby would be like magic!!!


C - March 6

My son is 10 months and I am down to b___stfeeding 50% and he also eats solids. Still no period. My sister got hers after about 8 weeks and she b___stfeeds 100%. I just think everyone is different. She made me nervous when she said she got hers and I took a HPT but it came back negative. I'm on the mini pill so I knew the chances were pretty slim. She's on the regular bc pill so I'm not sure if that attributed to her getting her period right away or not.


Zorana - August 3

Hello, I am glad that I found out that someone is experiencing the same thing as me....my son is 12 months, still no period although I had one about 2 months after he was born and my hair is constantly falling out....I have lost so much hair I think I may have to cut it.



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