When Do Breasts Get Bigger

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angela - August 17

I am 16 weeks pregnant and my br___ts have not changed at all and are not sensitive or anything that people have been talking about. I am very flat (barely an A) and I am worried that because I'm not seeing any changes that I may be one of the unlucky few who can't br___tfeed. I read that br___t size doesn't really matter unless you have "underdeveloped br___ts" and I'm not sure what that means, but think it might be me. Did anyone not notice ANY br___t changes early in pregnancy??


miranda - August 17

You should be able to b___stfeed. I've never heard that having small b___sts could stop you. You might need some special instruction on how to get the baby latched on, but I would definitely plan on it if I were you. It is such a rewarding experience and the truth is there are very few women who can't physically b___stfeed, some just need extra help. I saw the lactation consultant twice after my daughter was born and she was absolutely wonderful, very caring and attentive, she showed me just what I was doing wrong and got me through the sore and engorged days. I also recommend "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" as well. It's a very helplful book. Good luck!


C - August 18

They grew a cup size but not right away. They grew another cup size once my milk came in.


Angela - August 18

C - Do you remember when during your pregnancy your b___sts started growing?


Needtoknow - August 19

Hi angela I have the same question when you start to develop milk in your pregnancy. I am 24 weeks my nipples are sensitive but my b___st are the same size and I have no milk at all when I squeeze them. I am thinking you start to develop milk when you in your last stage. So lady yes when did you start to develop milk in your b___st when you were or are pregnant?


Marie - August 26

Breast changes before the last trimester may not be significant if you usually had no b___st changes during you period. Mine have only gotten 1 cup size larger (I am about 7 months) and I never had b___st changes during my period. Some people may not have larger b___sts until after the baby is born!


Jenn... - August 26

My b___st size did not change at all during my pregnancy. I was never able to squeeze anything out while pregnant. Then 4 days after delivery, when my milk came in, I no longer had any bras to fit - I went from B to D. Small b___st will not stop you from b___st feeding. Think positive when it comes to b___stfeeding and that will truly help.


kc - August 27

I have always had a small b___st size, 32 A. While pregnant it did not change much. I did notice the blue veins being more prominent, and sore b___sts in early pregnancy but that was it. I was able to succussfully nurse for 7 months. It would have been longer but I didn't pump enough to supplement feedings while I was at work and dried up. So don't worry. When the baby gets here your body will do it's thing. What scared me is I had my daughter on a Tuesday and my milk didn't come in until Friday. Just keep this in mind so you don't give up to early. lots of luck.


NeedtoKnow - August 29

Hello I had posted earlier on August 19th about when do milk start to develop in your b___st. I have an update,yesterday I started to see some milk come out of my b___st and I am 26 weeks now. So guess it just takes time. My daughter is 4 years old right now and when I was pregnant with her my b___st had gotten large at 5 or 6 months. So everybody and pregnancy is different.


angela` - August 29

KC - If your milk didn't come in until days after the birth, how did you feed your baby before that??



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