When Do I Buy A Breast Pump What Pump To Buy

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mary b - March 7

Hi, my baby is due any day and i was wondering if i need to buy a breat pump now or what? I am going to br___tfeed exclusively for at least 6-8 weeks but then would like to pump and use a bottle to give her every now and then after. I hope to br___tfeed for at least a year...Can anyone reccomend a pump to buy? I have about a $150-$200 budget...THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!


DB - March 7

I have a medela Pump in style Advanced, but it was $320 and I bought it from the hospital I delivered at. It's a great pump though..I know the regular PUmp in style is a bit less although I'm not sure on the price. Sorry, this isn't much help, but I do like my pump.


chrissi79 - March 8

I was told its a good idea to wait to buy a pump until you know what kind you will need. I went to a b___stfeeding course and the lactation consultant said you'll never know until after your baby is born and starts nursing. Good advice b/c I was going to buy an electric pump and only needed a manual - $70 compared to $200!!! BIG difference...


mamagoose - March 8

I have an Avent Isis hand pump... I love it. It pumps the same volume of milk in 10 minutes as an electric pump, and you can do it with one hand, which is convenient. It cost me $75 Canadian, which is around $65 US. We started giving baby a bottle at 3 weeks. I go to bed at 9pm, so dh wakes baby around 11pm to give ds a bottle, which buys me a couple extra hours of sleep. It's great!!


chrissi79 - March 8

mamagoose - that's the one i have. I love it...so easy to use!


tryingx3 - March 8

I didn't buy mine until 3wks postpartum - just in case nursing didn't work for us. I use a Medela Pump in Style backpack. Although they CAN cost up to $300 you can shop and find them for around $200 on eBay and on the internet - a site called myb___stpumpDOTcom I believe. You have to call for prices. I love it, use is every day.


DownbutnotOUT - March 8

I bought a medela pump, could be electric or manual, I spent $135 canadian and it was hands down the best pump ever and I would definatly recommend it to anyone.


tryingx3 - March 8

To clarify - I bought mine NEW on eBay, shipped for $215


moi - March 8

avent is gd . u may not need it immediately but can still buy it so as to make ur baby get use to both d bottle and b___st. from about d 3rd week.dis cost 20pounds.


Ann1 - March 10

I was positive that I would b___st feed, so I bought a pump before I gave birth. I also planned to just use mine after 6-8 weeks, but I needed it before. My milk supply waned, and I used the pump to get my production up to where it needs to be to have enough milk for my little guy. I got the Medela Pump in Style Advanced, and I love it. I can get all my milk in less than 10 minutes. My company subsidized the pump, so I only paid US$150, but I think the normal price is about $330. Well worth the cost!! You can also put it on your registry--most baby stores sell them.


DDT - March 10

I bought a Avent Isis hand pump...I used it for the first couple of days postpartum to get my milk to come in but after (ds is 3 weeks old now) that I haven't even used it...I find expressing using my hand is easier. I b___stfeed laying down and my other b___b always leaks profusely during a feeding session so I usually just get a bottle and let my b___b drain into it at the same time that I feed him. After each feeding I just express my milk by hand into the same bottle. I can usually collect about a total of 3oz in a day. I don't have any complaints about the pump I bought...I just didn't find it any easier than using my hand..I could have saved myself about $100 though.



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