When To Buy Pump

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kerryv - January 25

i plan on trying out br___tfeeding but also pumping as soon as possible. i was wondering if you guys recommended buying a pump now (before the baby is born) or if should wait and rent one from the hospital first? also, if i do buy it now- can i bring it to the hospital with me and then sometime during my stay will someone be available to help/show me how to use it? they look pretty darn complicated or is it just self explanatory once you try it out? thanks!


candaceann1 - January 25

I'm at 30 weeks and am buying mine now so that I have it (who knows when the baby might come) and I want to start pumping as soon as he is born. Most hospitals do have lactation specialists to help you with b___stfeeding. I have hired a doula to help me. Yes, you can take your own pump to the hospital.


kellens mom - January 25

I have heard many women say that renting is around $75/month. I bought a top of the line pump (Medela Pump in Style advanced) for $200. I would inquire about rental rates to help you make a more educated decision. This was all so new to me that I appreciated having the pump at the hospital. The Lactation consultant went through it with me which made me feel more comfortable and confident. Peace of mind is worth a lot. Maybe you will get lucky and the hospital will rent them for next to nothing - I doubt it though!


tryingx3 - January 25

Renting just doesn't seem cost efficient to me if you plan on pumping for very long. Rental was about $75 a month here, plus you have to buy your own attachment kit (bottle, tubes, etc.). I bought a nice pump for $200 as well. I'm finally feeding her for free! ha ha


Leilani14 - January 26

I bought mine before I had a baby. I kew I will be returning to work at 12 weeks and I'll have to pump. It turned out that I needet it sooner and I'm so glad that I had it. I also bought Medela Pump in Style advanced.


kerryv - January 26

thank you. i am going to buy the medela pump in style advanced too. i was looking on ebay and it looks like i can get a new one for about $200.



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