When To Start Consulting With A Lactating Nurse

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Hopeful3 - January 20

I am just wondering when is the best time to consult with a lactating nurse. I am currently at the end of my 1st trimester, and don't want to appear over eager by starting classes too soon. I have already contacted one, and she is encouraging both dh and me to register for a class, but I am just wondering if I am being over anxious. I really want to bf for several reasons and have already gotten quotes on renting a "top of the line" br___t pump that guarantees to limit the amount of stress put on your nipples. Again, I am still 3 days away from reaching the 3 month mark. So can anyone tell me when I need to "get serious" about bf classes or is it okay that I am wanting to start now?


jenna32 - January 20

If you start too early there's the possibility you will forget something the nurse tells you so i'd say you should try in your last trimester or you can wait until you have your lo as well. i know it could seem a little late to for someone so eager to start,but you really never know,when the time comes not all women are able to b___stfeed.


lily10 - January 20

I can't comment on the cla__ses because I never attended any of them. I would wait till you are in your last trimester or just wait till your baby is born. I'm much more hands on so I just waited to sit down with a lactation consultant till my dd arrived. As far as pump rentals goes, I would not worry about that right now, it may be a bit soon. It's great that you plan to b___stfeed your baby!!! My recommendation is would be to just get a good b___stfeeding book for now and deal with the cla__ses and pump rental costs later.


spamanda - January 20

I personally found it a LOT easier to meet with a lactation specialist AFTER DS was born. I read books while I was preggers, and was determined to do it. There's a lot of info out there. kellymom.com has some great articles, and you can always go to the la leche league website too. But for now, I'd hold off on the cla__ses until closer to your due date. And definitely wait to rent a pump. You will have a better idea of what you need AFTER the babe is born. Also, everything I heard was to wait with pumping until the babe was a few weeks old (you'll want your supply to get evened out first, and the baby to learn how to b___stfeed properly before you introduce a bottle). You'll have plenty of time to figure that out later. Good luck! Breastfeeding is SO satisfying. Glad you're going to give it a try. ~spam


Hopeful3 - January 20

Thanks for your responses. I thought that it was too early, but I figured it couldn't hurt by start asking questions. I am kind of nervous about bf, because I don't know anyone that successfully "stuck" it out. I guess I am afraid that I may talk myself out of trying it because everyone in my family talks about how painful it was. Several have told me that the pain was not worth it to them. I know that sounds harsh, so that's why I am trying to get all the info I can so maybe I can minmize the discomfort and succesfully bf my baby.


spamanda - January 20

lol well you know someone now! I made it to 13 mos. b___stfeeding my son. And I work full time, 10 hour days, pumped twice a day. It CAN be done. ~spam


lily10 - January 21

It's only painful in the begining. Just realize that b___stfeeding is very painful in the begining and it is extremely demanding as well. It can be quite overwhelming at first but before you know it, it becomes a normal part of your day. It is so worth getting over all the bumps in the road and not giving up.


jenna32 - January 22

it is painful at first, i think it's just because the baby is learning just as you will be learning to b___stfeed.Once you and your lo get the hang of it,it's much better.


Val - January 24

I second what the others said about waiting on cla__ses, at least until your 3rd trimester. I would just read up on it now, and read a variety of sources because they tell you different things. Also, if you can get a pump quickly and easily after the baby is born, you could wait, but otherwise, it's not a bad idea to have one on hand. Our baby had weight gain issues so I had to pump early on and use a feeding tube to supplement him... it would have been a ha__sle to try to get a pump then- - much easier to have it already!



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