When To Start Rice Cereal While Brest Feeding

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Heather F - May 15

Just curious when other moms started baby cereal!


olivia - May 15

You don't need to give the baby anything but b___stmilk for a year.... that said, we started my dd on rice cereal at 5 months. She didn't eat much until 6-7 months. Now she eats just about anything and is 9 months.


Susan W - May 15

AAP recommends NO solids before 6 months. We waited until 7 months. I'm sure not going to hurry it with this next one! Once you start using solids, the diapers are awful!!


angie m - May 15

I nursed mine and started all 3 of them on rice cereal at 4 months. I was told to wait but all of mine at about 4 months would start trying to reach for my food so I took it as a sign that they were ready. They are ok know so I don't think it was a mistake and they loved haveing what they thought was real food. You know your baby best just watch for signs that they are ready, you will know. Good luck.


Susan W - May 16

Here's a good article on when to introduce solids. There are no dashes in the address except between the words solids and when at the end (this forum sometimes adds dashes where they aresn't supposed to be!). . . . .. www.kellymom.com/nutrition/solids/solids-when.html . . .Oh, and all babies will reach . .. It's because they want whatever we have :) But it doesn't mean they are ready. Mine reached for a few weeks, we tried cereal at 7 months, he threw up or choked, we waited another week or so, and then it was fine and he gobbled down anything we offered. I've talked to a lot of moms who said the same thing. Check out the site and look at the signs of readiness.


olivia - May 16

Sometimes pediatricians take size and growth rates into account when recommending when to start the cereal. You should check with your pediatrician about what he/she thinks related to your baby.


Susan W - May 16

They will do that, which cracks me up. Cereal has fewer calories and less nutrition than b___stmilk, so I always wonder how cereal is supposed to help a baby who's borderline grow :)


angie m - May 16

I had no problems with mine throwing it up or choking on it even at 4 months. I would have not feed it to them if they did it would have totaly scared me and I probably would have waited tell they were much older. I wonder why my babys had no problem at 4 months but some babys do at 7 months. Anyone know why?


olivia - May 16

They had me feed it to her because she was big, not small. She was 75% for weight when he said to start it at 5 months. I think it was more to let me off the hook as she was a nursing champ. Who knows, she did and is still doing great though. No allergies or digestive issues (hopefully it stays that way!)


Susan W - May 17

That's funny. My DS was in the 99% percentile for weight at his 4 month checkup (he was off the chart at birth at 11.5 lbs), and my ped said to not start cereal as he didn't need any more calories as it would not change his nursing pattern. She was right. He still continued to nurse every 2 hours after we started solids until he was like 9 months old, at which point he fell to the 50% after nursing every 4 hours or so. She's not worried, as I'm tall and thin, and DH is tall and thin.. . .. . I don't know why some kids handle it earlier than others. But the nice part for me is that I totally skipped spoonfeeding, which I absolutely despise doing! I simply gave him small chunks of soft food for him to pick up and eat. Kept him occupied and let me do something else in the same room for a while, like unload the dishwasher without him trying to climb in it :) . .. The allergies can show up later :( My cousin started solids early, everything was fine, and they got hit with all sorts of allergies around 3-4 :( That poor kid has to take so much medicine.



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