Whether To Breastfeed Or Not

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Cindy - December 6

I am expecting my baby in 2 weeks & have been undecided all along on whether to br___tfeed or not.. This is a surprise baby as my daughter is 14, I did not br___tfeed with her. I realize there a lots of pros and then I think of the cons that I read.. Huge br___ts, leakage, being somewhat limited as dad and daughter cannot feed.. I'm not sure what to do.


kate - December 6

congrats first of all! huge b___sts? mine only increased one size - no big deal, and then went right back down after my daughter weaned. now they're back up again because i'm pregnant again. leakage only happens till your body regulates itself, from what i've heard and experienced. once your body knows how much milk baby will need, it doesn't overproduce like it does in the beginning. and there are ways to avoid the leakage too - while i was pretty leaking in the mornings i didn't really have much of a problem as the day went on. dad and daughter don't need to feed together to bond together. my husband commented all the time how beautiful it was to see his wife nursing his child - and he'd sit with his arm around us and share the moment. or lie next to us on the bed and just enjoy us. when she was older (6 weeks) i pumped too and then he was able to feed her. no one in my family has ever nursed - not even my grandparents, and for me it was really weird making that decision. but after reading all i could get my hands on about the subject, i knew that it really was the best for the baby and i really wanted her to have the immunity to illness that i could offer her. she is 17 months old and to this day has had no ear infections, no diarrhea, one cold and one 24-hour stomach bug, so it appears that nursing worked! i have never regretted my choice. if i were you, i'd at least give it a try and go from there - you owe yourself and your baby that, otherwise you'll always wonder if you should have b___stfed. and keep in mind too, that it's always a bit difficult at first (and sometimes painful) but it only gets easier and easier and easier. seriously! i was ready to give up after 4 weeks because it hurt so d*mn bad but we kept going and by week 5 i was painfree and living on cloud 9!


Shelly - December 7

Try it, you'll like it! There are lots of other things your husband and daughter can do to help. You'll be setting a good example for your daughter and make it easier for her to become comfortable with her changing body. The leakage isn't that bad and doesn't last very long (just until you get gegulated with the baby). I also just got a little bigger. Breastfeeding is much easier than bottle feeding. Go to a local La Leche League meeting. You'll hear of benifits and ideas you've never heard before.


Jamie - December 7

Definately try b___stfeeding - but, give it a fair shot! Don't try it for a week and then give up - b___stfeed for a month; after 4 weeks, you should have overcome all issues. It's definately, in my opinion, easier than bottlefeeding, though it was harder at first. Your b___sts don't stay huge (Mine are back to their original size, 4 months pp, and I still b___stfeed exclusively); I don't leak (well, I leak from one side while my daughter nurses on the other), and I just pump a bottle whenever I want someone else, like a sitter, to feed the baby. Now, whenever we go out, I don't have to worry about a bulky diaper bag - I keep a package of diapers and a box of wipes in the car, and that's it. When I go into a store, I will carry 1 diaper and a Ziplock bag of wipes with me just in case - but I don't have to worry about if I have enough formula or where I'll find warm water, etc...not to mention, no extra dishes, since I already shower every day! :) Breastfeeding isn't for everyone - but I'm sure that if you give it a fair chance, by *exclusively* b___stfeeding for 4 weeks, you'll like it and continue. Just make sure you don't sabotage yourself or your supply by supplementing with formula or introducing a bottle during the first 4 weeks.


April - December 7

Please make an informed decision. There are so many health benefits from b___stfeeding for you and your baby. Surely they outweigh any negatives. www.lalecheleague.org www.kellymom.com


Christy - December 7

Hi, Cindy. I had my son 11/7, so we've been doing this for one month now. I am not goig to lie to you- it is tough initially. I was ready to give up on day 3 and during his first growth spurt last week. We still have some minor kinks we are working out, but overall, we are doing well. What I like about bf 'g is the bonding and knowing that I am giving my baby the best nutrition I can. There is something satisfying about going to the doctor's office and watching him gain weight well and being told how healthy he is. What I don't like about bf'g is my lack of freedom (I still have to pump if I leave him with family and expressed milk and go out longer than 2-3 hours b/c my b___sts get painfully engorged.) I also have not liked some of the pain a__sociated with bf'g, but it goes away, so not too big of a deal. I also hate nursing bras, but I deal with 'em cause wearing underwires (which is what I usually like) is out of the question right now. :) I think you should try for at least a month if you are interested, b/c if you do formula first , then that is it. Once your milk is gone, you can't go back and say, "I want to try this now." Also, if you're going to do it, make sure you take a cla__s or a least get a good book on bf'g beforehand. I didn't b/c Ben came 3 weeks early, but this forum has helped a lot as has "The Nursing Mother's Companion." I hav also talked to the lactation consultant at the hospital and once after we got home. Lastly, get some support. If it wasn't for this forum and some of my friends, I would have given up. I also plan on going to a bf'g support group at the hospital, which I am looking forward to. Anyway, good luck with your decision and your labor!


Jamie - December 7

Christy, congratulations on the one month mark! It is ALL uphill from here, promise! Kudos to you for sticking with it.


Babygirls1st - December 7

Breastfeeding is wonderful. Like others have said it was painful in the beginning. I was ready to quit after 2wks. Because of the pain, I dreaded feeding time. My b___sts were cracked and bleeding. I rented a hospital pump for one week to allow my nipples to heal. By the 3rd week all pain was gone and I was loving it. My baby is now 13wks old and I am back at work pumping during the day and nursing at night. The painful engorment and leaking does go away.


m - December 7

i'm not b___stfeeding b/c of meds i'm on and i can't pa__s that on to my baby. she's 4 months and happy and healthy. i don't feel guilty at all for not b___stfeeding. it's a choice that you have to be comfortable with. power to the ppl that do b___stfeed but if you can't or choose not to, don't let ppl judge b/c you've made that decision. i got alot of backlash b/c i'm not b___stfeeding but i'm polite when ppl give me their opinion and i go on. good luck on your choice and congrats to you.



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