Which Breastpump Should I Get

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Christina - April 4

I saw many different br___tpumps at babies r us and was wondering which one you guys would reccomend.I have a 36d without being pregnant and have never br___tfed before so I dont know how big they will get. I guess my question is should I get one that i use everyday or a once or twice a week one. I just dont want to buy the wrong one and have to buy something twice.


michelle - April 4

What do you need the pump for - pumping while at work everyday or just for occasional use? For occasional use, I recommend the Avent Isis manual pump. It's easy to use and pretty efficient. I used it when I went back to work as well. I don't know much about the electric pumps. I've only ever used a hospital one.


Maleficent - April 5

a manual pump is good for expressing a few ounces to have on hand for a night out, or so daddy can do a feeding. the electric type are better if you're planning to be away form baby for a longer period of time, like going back to work. i have always stayed home with my babies and had no need for an electric.


Cathy - April 5

Ive got an Advent Isis hand pump and a Medela Mini electic pump too. They are both excellent. The Medela is good to express in the house with because it is quite noisey so it wouldnt be suitable to express with at work. The Isis pumps well and doesnt hurt your hand like some hand pumps can and it can get just as much milk as the electric one, sometimes I find it quicker than the electric one because I can change the pace of the pumping to more closely resemble the sucking of my baby. The Medela has less parts than the Isis. The Medela has 3 parts that need sterilising the Isis has 5. All b___st pumps have the same size funnel (the bit that holds the b___st) but the Isis has a soft cover for the funnel as standard, you have to buy it seperately for the Medela. The Medela costs around twice as much as the Isis but is worth it. Always remember that the pump cant express as much milk from the b___st as a baby can get from it so dont worry if you can only get a little milk at first. My daughter is 9 weeks and I can only get 4 oz from each b___st if they are both pretty full. I could only get 1 oz from each when she was 4 weeks. Cathy



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