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LW - March 25

Hi All! I am 32 weeks and looking into which br___t pump to buy/rent. Any suggestions out there? Manual? Electric? Double? Single? Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!


C - March 26

I used the Madela Pump in Style. I guess it all depends on what you are using it for. My sister had one that she only used a couple of times so I just bought replacement bottles and I was good to go. I'm not sure if I would have made the investment before I had my baby and was 100% sure I would need it.


Ginny - March 27

I bought the Medela In Style, too, because the lactation consultant recommended it. It's a double pump that can be plugged into an outlet or a lighter-thing in the car. I got mine off ebay for about $100, and it came with the parts to use as manual pump. It works great, I love it, and I only have to pump 2 times in an 8 hour work day.


^lucy^ - March 28

hi LW.. im 32 weeks tomorrow and last weekend i finally decided on a b___st pump and bought one after a long time of research and hesitation.. i bought the medela harmony manual pump.. it says its good to use occasionally but i read many positive reviews on ladies using it daily.. im working full time but will be going to work only 1 month for my notice period after i get my baby and them be a stay at home mom which im so excited to be.. so mainly i'll use the pump mostly during the month i'll be working and when we go out or have to leave the baby with my parents.. it really depends on your budget and how frequently ur planning to use it


lindsay - March 29

hi LW... i used a manual pump w/ my 1st and vowed to NEVER do that again!!! it was really time consuming and exausting... if i wasn't bf-ing i was pumping and vise versa. my son and i had latching "isuues" for the first 2-3 weeks so i had to pump a lot to bottle feed him and keep my milk supply up. then i was back to work 6 weeks post -partum. boy, do i wish i would have had a double electric back then!! they are expensive, but i've asked my family for my shower gift to give money to help offset the cost of the pump ( am getting the medela pump in style advanced $320) since i have mostly everything i need for the baby already other than smaller things and clothes... this one's a girl! check out my "double electric breats pump brands" question if you haven't already... the ladies here did a great job of recommending pumps...



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