While Breastfeeding DD She Slaps My Breast

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Munki - December 24

My DD will be 8 months soon and while br___tfeeding she recently started slapping my br___ts. Slapping, tapping, hard to say really what she's doing or meaning to do, I have no clue hence my question and wondered if anyone else has been through this? I would love some in sight or just know I'm not alone. Everything else seems to be fine, she's been on great on solids (still br___tfeeding half the time), crawling, climbing, playing, interacting... Please let me know your thoughts, and thank you for taking the time to read this.


excited2bemama - December 26

Its very normal.. babies always have to be busy. My lo smacks my face, sticks her fingers in my mouth, pats my face etc while nursing. I have a friend whose baby has to play with her other nipple while nursing and another friend whose babie pinches her b___st while nursing. There are these necklaces that you can buy that you wear around your neck that gives baby somethinng to play with while eating.. I dunno if they would help or not. I usually just hold my dd hand while she is nursing that way it sort of keeps her from patting me and playing with my face etc...


Young_momma - January 3

i agree with the above, I have not had my child yet but my cousin recently had her daughter and she had the same problem. Hers was pinching and slapping and playing with the opposite b___b. She got sick of it and asked my aunt who makes jewelery for fun to make her a b___stfeeding necklace, she did so and sent this to her. The baby is more than satisfied with the necklace, she has more than one, she has them in several different colors because the baby would play for a while then give up. Also different sized and shaped beads will help to not bore her.


ValChil - January 4

My 7 month old does the same thing, she recently started snapping my bra shoulder strap from the side she's nursing on, it hurts...she can pull hard, and of course she thinks its so funny.



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