Why Do People Care How Long I Breastfeed For

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Candy - October 29

Why do people care how long I br___tfeed for? I swear people are so rude with their opinions on br___tfeeding. My son is 6 months and some people can't believe I'm still br___tfeeding. I personally think it's stupid to throw money down the drain for something that is available for free.


jena - October 30

i think it's great you are still going. most people get c___p for bottle feeding, so I guess you can't win, right? I personally think that b___stfeeding for a year is perfect. congratulations and keep it up - b___st is best!


l - October 30

As long as you and baby are comfortable, ignore them. I think it's great.


April - October 30

I have my second now and I have learned to do what works for us. Whenever anyone gives me their unwanted two cents I say, "That's great that worked for you, but what we are doing is working great for us." Now for my two cents... I think it's wonderful you are still b___stfeeding.


Lisa*9 - October 30

The thing I like best about bf my 3 year old still is when he has a cold,I know it makes him feel better. I am also aware of the fact that my bf days are going to come to an end someday like my oldest did?sigh Just ignore them,soon those comments will not bother you anymore.


KFish - November 1

my MIL was the same way. Her mother and she did not b___stfeed. I had to keep explaining to her (and to my husband) that all the medical information provided said it was best to b___stfeed for at least a year. My milk started to run dry around 10 months because I was mostly pumping as my child loved to bite. I had to supplement with formula, but he had b___st milk up until his 1st birthday.


Toya - November 1

People need to mind their business. That's what b___sts are mostly for...to nourish a baby. I've been b___stfeeding for 6 months also. Most people think it's great that I'm still going. I'm supplementing with formula so that weaning will be easier. I plan to wean next month. Even pediatricians recommend a full year of b___st feeding.


To Lisa*9 - November 1

I think its great that u r feeding your 3 yr old. I dont want to sound nosy but just curious to know how you b___st feed a 3 yr old? I have a 6 month old I can barely lift.


Aquarium_Eyes - November 1

I have a 3 month old daughter and i plan to b___stfeed for 6 months to a year. Once she has teeth i will wean her, she is starting to get one now, so we will see how long it lasts. She is my first and i plan to b___stfeed all my others. Breastfeeding is the best for a baby, I've done alot of research. I say " Good for you" , keep it up, no matter what everyone elses two cents are. Good luck!!!


Kim - November 2

Ya, I don't know why people like to stick their noses where they don't belong!! It's your perogative to b___stfeed for as long as you want to!! It's a natural thing! And yes, it's free!! I say phooey to those people with their opinions no one wants!!


kris - November 3

I have a 14 month old i'm still b___stfeeding and its been great. The MIL doesn't approve but luckily my husband is very supportive. Teeth were never an issue as after the first bite the look on my face let her know not to do it again. I thought i wouldn't b___stfeed past 6 months but it just felt so natural and easy. Now other friends who've had second babies have felt confident enough to continue b___stfeeding past 6 weeks after seeing us. Those that haven't BF don't understand and see it as 'icky and flauntish' but your child is more important than others opinions!!


Jennifer - November 3

They care because they are too nosy, and sticking their nose where it has no business being. My friend is still nursing her 11 month old, although she is also feeding solids too. You keep on b___stfeeding as long as you and your baby wants to!


Vanaseregwen - November 4

Welcome to America, home of free speech and free opinions!! I personally would like to b___st feed my child for a year. Personally I've always felt that if MY CHILD were old enough to ask for it, they are too old to have it. But, I'm not judging anyone elses actions. If that is what works for them, then I hope they can continue it as along as it works! Just try to remember, "Opinions are like bung holes, everyone has one and most of them stink."



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