Why Do We Go So Crazy About A Boob

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HH - November 12

Why do we get so worked up about br___ts? It's crazy, really! Don't you think?


lisa - November 12

i get worked up when i have mast_tis and cracked nipples!!!!


Lesley - November 12

It doesn't bother me in the slightest. The thing that bothers me is the people who have a problem with folk b___stfeeding in public.


Jamie - November 12

Breasts don't bother me in the slightest. It DOES bother me when random people call me names like "whore" for nursing my child in public, when they're the ones who are being rude by staring.


lisa - November 12

ok i get what you mean...derrrr. how can anyone call you a whore for b___st feeding, id just ignore them they are obviously totally uneducated and dont realise its natural, dont get how some places can ask you to stop??? thats mad, i cant imagine my reaction when that happens


Rita - November 12

Nusing mothers dont bother me and I think that breatfeeding is great, I did it myself, though I think women should use a blankey to cover themselves up. I wouldnt call anyone a "whore" for b___stfeeding but Im wondering why women think its ok to show your b___sts in public and then FREAK out when men look. Yes I know that b___sts are there for the purpose OF b___stfeeding BUT Women are the ones that started to s_xualize b___sts years ago by flaunting them and showing them off in a s_xual way. WE cant have our cake and eat it to. To me, if you are going to feed your child in public you dont have a right to tell men to stop staring. Men have rights just as much as you do.


Jamie - November 12

So because I was called a name, you automatically a__sume I was being indecent? Great, so if I got raped, would that be my fault, too?


Rita - November 12

Jamie I think you have some issues with a few things. I saw some of your comments in another forum on here and you never seem to shut up. why do you a__sume people are always talking to you or about you ? The question was why do we go crazy about a b___b. I commented to two posts, having said that in answer to your question about if you were raped would that be your fault. Well do I think men have the right to force themselves onto someone .. NO BUT I sympathize with them, men are visual and if I hardly think its fair for women to go around wearing hardly any clothes, and then get all mad and upset when the men do look.. comment or in some cases touch. I imagine you wont agree with me having seen that you never agree with anyone about anything. Dont ask a big girl question if you dont want a big girl answer.


Beth - November 12

Well theres a bit of a difference in that one twan we both know that but I totally get your point and agree 100 percent


Jamie - November 13

Rita, I think you have a few things to learn. 95% of the time, rape is about power, not s_x. I agree, girls need to dress decently - but even if a hooker gets raped, she didn't "ask" for it, nor did she "deserve" it. Believe it or not, I do think that women running around topless is unreasonable and indecent. I do think that it's unnecessary to have your whole b___st flopping about - I also know that I haven't exposed myself in public - not once. When I was first figuring out how to b___stfeed, and get my baby to latch, I either went to my car, or I had my husband hold a blanket over me so I could use both of my hands. But now that I know what I'm doing, no, I will not cover myself with a blanket, because I don't show anything. Not even the top of my b___st, because my baby goes up the bottom of my shirt. My baby would be drenched in sweat in about 5 seconds if I tried to cover her with a blanket, and I'm not going to risk her overheating. So even if there was a law of a blanket, nope, I would not listen, feel free to arrest me.


Tati - November 13

You ladies all have good points. I b___stfeed longer then any of my friends so I know a bit about it. I know that there are some sick men out there when you try to b___st feed they would stop and look. I totally think that it's wrong when women do it to be noticed" that's sick" but I am sure that every mother had one of these moments that the baby suddenly moves back and you flash. It takes seconds. But we are quick to notice before anyone gets a chance to look. RIGHT. Well there are a few mommies out there that take their time. I saw it happen. Also about the rape thing. Yes rape is wrong but these days the clothes that girls and women wear dah it makes man look and it makes the sick man think and the mental man to do. When we do things the right way we are on the safer side. Also I agree with jamie my babies sweat in seconds too. I would do the same under the shirt if I dont see my b___b then I am doing it right. Some times if I had a tight shirt on and it wouldnt cover I would use a burp cloth.That way I felt safer just incase the baby would smack back quickly.


Christy - November 13

Sadly, I think this is more of an issue in the US. We Americans are very conflicted and weird about b___sts (remember Janet Jackson's SuperBowl stunt?) I don't care if anyone sees me nurse my baby, but I realize it may make other uncomfortable. I am pretty new to BF (baby is six days old) and will have to learn to do it in public without exposing myself. I can't see myself being only allowed to go out for a max of three hours at a time before i need to go home and feed baby. :)


HH - November 14

Rita, How is it women s_xualized their own b___sts? I've never heard that. WHen did this happen and how did WOMEN do it? Twan, you've got to be kidding- a p___s in a babies mouth is just like a b___st, I mean... the way a p___s has a nipple and provides nutrients for infants- it's exctly the same! Sick- there is nothing normal about a p___s in a baby's mouth! A p___s has two purposes- urination and s_x- neither one has anything to do with babies. I wouldn't be surprised if men try to look at my b___sts, but I would be surprised, and p__sed off, if I am asked to cover up my baby's food source because some men can't control themselves. Where I'm from in Ohio (Columbus) it is technically legal for women to walk around topless.( It is definitely not okay for men to go bottomless, Twan!) I just don't know what the b___st is so contraversial- what is "dirty" about them?


? - November 14

Would you cover a naked sculpture of a woman, too?


Tati - November 14

naked sculptures are different from a human. Yes your right ? no one covers sculptures. But we women are not sculptures there is a big difference. Nursing in public is not much different then giving a bottle to a baby in public. That is when you dont expose your self. I don't think that ANYONE has a problem with the b___stfeeding. I hope not. The problem is when ladies would show when they are b/f. I would say Rita is right about what b___sts are for. I saw a lot of women b/f and I wouldn't say they were trying to be noticed in a s_xual way, did you? Maybe some crazy mommies that don't have a man and hoping to get one by showing of their b___sts. Jamie did someone really called you a "whore" for b___stfeeding?


Rita - November 14

Woman for years have been flaunting themselves, their b___sts their nipples everything. They were tight fitting clothes , see through things and all women know that MOST men will look stare or whatever. I was with a friend of mine in a store one time her baby was in her arms she opened up her shirt. took out her b___st, nipple and all were hanging there as she asked the baby if he wanted anything to eat. There was a man there looking she got mad told him off. BUT I agree with him.. if you KNOW men like b___bs and you hang them out there men are going to look like it or not. I feel women dont have a right to complain about that b___stfeeding is SUPPOSED to be only for the baby and the babys needs so why are women some women that is wanting to show themselves WAY more then needed. In another topic one girl has been going on and on about her rights to show everything ... makes me wonder WHY a woman would WANT to show her nipples and b___sts IF she is only using them to b___steed her child. That is why I say use a blankey


Jamie - November 15

Tati, yes. I was really called a whore. I was sitting in a booth in the corner of a food court, watching CNN on the foodcourt's TV - honestly, the only way the guy could've seen that I was b___stfeeding my baby was if he had been staring at me with binoculars the whole time. What's really strange is, I live in Germany - there are all kinds of displays here that Americans/Canadians would find to be HUGELY inappropriate. For example, a billboard at a bus stop depicted a little boy, maybe about 10, staring at a completely nude woman; there were two smaller panels to either side of the boy, one focused on her bare b___sts, the other focused on her bare crotch. That would most definately be unacceptable in North America...but I didn't see anyone objecting to it here. And yet, I'm a whore for discretely b___stfeeding my baby...go figure.



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