Why Is My Baby So Hungry

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tomoe - September 8

my six wk old daughter seems to be feeding constantly...she'l feed up to an hr then come off and ten mins later be screaming for more food...she's been like this for about a wk and although i don't mind feeding her it's taking its strain on me...is it normal if she's having a groth spurt to be so hungry the most she will go without food is half hr at night or could i be the problem and not be making enougth milkto meet her demands????


clindholm - September 8

Baby's digest b___st milk ALOT faster than formula and will nurse more often. Another thing that may or may not be happening is that babies have a need to suck wether hungry or not (they don't know the difference) have you tried a pacifier? It can be harder for a b___stfed baby to accept a paci but as with all things if you keep trying it should work eventually- as long as you are sure that she has had adequate milk, I would try a paci, that's what happened with my lo. Is your baby by any chance a preemie? I know it's frustrating, I have been there too. Good luck.


julepowers - September 8

I have the same problem wiht my little girl. She feeds all the time! I found out that she is really just soothing herself on my b___st after she's finished eating, since she loves to suck. I incorporated a pacifier,even though some say not too, and it's worked like a charm. After I feed her if she gets fussy, I put it in her mouth for a bit and then she calms down and goes to sleep. It hasn't interfered with b___stfeeding at all. However, with some babies it does pose a problem with b___stfeeding, so i would be careful to try it for a small amount of time at first (I did ten mintues) and then make sure she'll/he'll return to the b___st. Good luck :)


Crystal83 - September 13

I don't know what it is about the 6 week growth spurt, but my lo went through the same thing at that age too. I was worried I didn't have enough milk as well. When the growth spurt was all over with my milk supply was overflowing from all the frequent feeds and it took a couple weeks to regulate again. Are you feeling like there is milk emptying from your b___st when she is feeding? I wopuld just try to keep my lo as occupied as I could so my b___sts would have time to fill up again and then I knew she was getting a really good feed and she would sleep a little longer. Good luck, it's just a phase and you'll get through it soon!


sarah21 - September 15

Growth spurt!! Also it is important to continue feeding, I know it's hard, but it increases your milk supply to meet her demand. It is temporary and I know it sucks but it gets better! Ditto to Crystal!



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