Will I Be Able To Please Help

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Cass - December 16

THis is my second baby. WIth my first I was only 20 and although I "tried" to br___tfeed I did not try very hard and was unsucessful. It was actually a miserable experiance. I felt as if I was actually being molested by the nurses at the hospital and I was very uncomfortable about the whole thing. I tried to pump and bottle feed but my milk never came in properly. One of the reasons I have been uncomfortable about this is the size of my br___ts. They are HUGE. I dont see how I can possably br___tfeed. The nurses tried to push and manipulate my nipple into the babies mouth, but it seemed to me that they were just way too big! I have a different Dr. this time and she is REALLY encouraging me to try breasfeeding again, at least until I go back to work. I'm nervous and skeptical. Has anyone else who has very large br___ts (DD or larger) ever been sucessful at br___tfeeding? I mean I just don't see how it fits in the mouth right. And how does having a c-section affect that???


Jamie - December 16

Ca__s, I am 5 mos. preg now. My b___st size is already a D and is only going to get bigger. This is my first child and I am going to try my hardest to b___stfeed atleast until I go back to work as well. However, I have a cousin who was a DD before she got pregnant. By her 9th mo. she had to go to specialty bras shops bc her b___sts were so big. She was still able to b___st feed. She is loving it. She plans to keep going until he is atleast 1. It is hard at first but once the soreness goes away (which takes a little bit) you will see how precious the time is for you and your baby. Good Luck!


Jamie - December 17

I'm a different Jamie...after my milk came in, I was a 32-F. I have HUGE nipples...my daughter is now 4 months, and still can't get very much of the areola into her mouth. Something that might help you is a nipple shield - babies find it easier to latch onto, for some reason; I used one for the first 2 months; after that, my daughter was finally able to latch on the natural nipple. Now, at 4 months, my b___sts have gone back to a 32 C, and I'm still b___stfeeding exclusivley.


Ca__s - December 25

Thank you for your replys. I want to at least try.


Big too - December 29

I'm big too and have not had any problems. You just have to get used to it there is coordination involved. I guess it's like learning to ride a bike. At first it's really hard, and you don't think you'll ever get it what with all the falling down, but once you do get it you can do it easily with little thought. Here's what I found helpful: Use lots of pillows around you for support (I also use a really small one I found that's about the size of a grapefruit under my b___st so that I don't have to hold it up with my hand.) Hold your nipple with your hand cupped like a "C" and dont pinch it with your fingers (like a ciggarette) to get the nipple into the mouth When the baby latches on put your finger near the nose and keep the b___st from covering the nostril. Hope this helps. It'll take a while to get used to, be patient with yourself.



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