Will My Baby Benefit From Breast Feeding

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gem22 - February 16

I am 9.5 weeks pregnant with my first child and due around 22nd Sep. I am very put off my br___tfeeding and would love to know the benefits from someone who has actually br___tfead there child??? and any tips and make it easier???


Dalfie - February 16

I am currently b___stfeeding my 5 mo old son. I wouldn't trade it for anything! There is a closeness that I don't know how I'd get any other way. I feel rewarded for the difficulties getting started by knowing that my son is getting antibodies from my milk that help ward off sickness. He's getting exactly the food that was designed for him. I like knowing that the longer I b___stfeed him, the less likely he is to develop allergies. I like not having to worry about sterilizing bottles, or mixing formula in my sleep.... all I have to do is get him out of his crib for his early morning feeding, and slip him in with me and never have to wake completely up. I like knowing what he's eating, and not having to trust companies to make the "best" ingredients. But - if I hadn't wanted this, I never would have made it through the first 3 weeks. It was VERY difficult to get started because I have flat & inverted nipples. Plus, my son was a premie, and couldn't latch on well at first. At the time, it felt like I would never get through the painful stage. My best advice is, if you decide to b___stfeed, and obviously you can tell I'd recommend it, don't hesitate to ask for help from a lactation consultant if you are having ANY difficulties.


Dawn C - February 16

I totally agree with Dalfie. It is awesome. My lil one is 4mths and smooth sailing it can get tiresome at first. You feel like all you do is nurse the baby but it gets better and is well worth it. GOOD LUCK


Trac - February 17

This has been my experience....my little one is 4 months old and I love it! I also b___stfed my first child for 6 months who is 4 yrs now. It is a wonderful way to bond and the b___st milk is so much better for them than formula. If you want to learn more, most hospitals offer a free b___stfeeding cla__s. Or you can find a la leche league in your town and attend a meeting for free. (It was very painful at first feeding my first child because she was not latching on properly which is very common. So my BEST advice is to see a lactation consultant at the hospital THE FIRST TIME YOU FEED THE BABY OR AS SOON AS YOU CAN. That way your baby won't be latching on wrong. It's so much better to start off with them correctly latched and will make the whole experience sooo much better - I did that with my second and it was a breeze). With my first I wasn't sure if I would want to b___stfeed because I'm very modest but it just seems like the most natural thing to do now. If I'm out somewhere and the baby needs to eat, I can feed him in the car or even under a small blanket, it's very easy. Formula is very expensive, but for FREE you can give your baby the healthiest food, your milk! I have a few friends who did not b___stfeed and I try very hard to be supportive because I understand b___stfeeding is not for everyone. For me, though, it has been great. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.


jg - February 17

Hi Gem. I personally did not enjoy b___stfeeding at all, but I still did it until my bub was 6 months as it is supposed to held with bonding, settling your baby, boosts their immune system, helps their intellectual development and it is a lot less ha__sle than preparing bottles. I HATED it to start with - it was so so so hard. It hurt like hell and I cried every time it was feed time for about 2 weeks, which may account for why I never enjoyed it, so I would never critisise anyone for not wanting to BF, but I am glad I stuck at it so that my son got all the nutrients that it provides.


krc - February 17

BF is better for your baby. It provide anti bodies essential to your baby's developement that formula can't duplicate. How would you feed your baby if formula were not an option? I doubt you would let it starve to death ! BF is natural and the way it is intended. Formula was created only as a medical back up for when mothers had legitamte reasons they couldn't BF. It was never meant to be a second choice. If a baby learns how to latch on properly than b___stfeeding shouldn't be painful.Sometimes 1st time mothers aren't instructed properly on how to get there baby to latch on in which case an improper latch can cause the nipples to become sore and cracked or the milk isn't being expressed properly so the mother thinks she isn't producing enough milk and thus gives up. But with persistence you will get it right if you didn't at first. Breastmilk is free and creates a bond you can't get from sticking a bottle in their mouth. If you absolutely are against b___stfeeding than atleast consider pumping your milk so baby can still get b___stmilk. Do not use formula simply because your " put off " by b___stfeeding. It is natural and they way it is supposed to be !


Heidi - February 17

Well I tell you what, I was put off even by being pregnant so the thought of nursing just gagged me but I said I'd at least try it so she'd get the colostrum while in the hospital and once I tried it I bonded with my baby like I never dreamed I would. I wouldn't trade nursing for anything! It's awesome. You won't know if it's for you until you try it. It's the greatest feeling knowing your nurturing your little one and she depends on you. I really wish they'd make all moms at least try it while in the hospital because there are sooo many benefits to nursing. No bottles! No preparing them in the middle of the night. If you're out shopping, find a quiet place and nurse. Some places have nursing rooms too. Or pump a bottle and take it with. That's what I do. I'm back at work and pump and then nurse when I get home. At least say you'll try it in the hospital. It's not nearly as bad as they used to make it out to be years ago. It's definately making a comeback.


Sarah-Natalees mama - February 19

I'm in a hurry so I didnt get to read the other post but wanted to say that my mom BFed all of her 5 kids and we are all very healthy, have no allergies and rarely ever get sick.



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