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jazminesmom - March 12

i am nerves about br___tfeeding agian i am trying to get pregnant now and defitly want to br___tfeed. but i had trouble with my daughter first the hospital gave he a paci and a bottle, then she whouldn;t eat from me only with a nipple sheild and i forced my self to feed her and pump until she was at least 6months then she went to fourmula. any suggestions on how not to be nerves?


kellens mom - March 12

I have heard that each child can be so different from all the others. Maybe you learned a few things about giving paci's too early or introducing a bottle before nursing was well established. You can dwell over problems of the past or you can accept your future child for who he/she is and do the best that you can. I have always heard that second children are easier...I am so hoping that is true! Good luck and don't worry about things that you can not control.


tryingx3 - March 13

I am wondering something too - is "fast let down" something that MY body does and will do the 2nd time around?


kellens mom - March 13

Tryingx3, I have only had one child so I can't answer your question...from experience. However, logic makes me think that you will remain the same...the ability of the baby to deal with a fast let-down will vary. Maybe someone with experience in this area can confirm my suspicions.


jazminesmom - March 14

thank you for your reply i know i will not give paci or battle for a lest 3 weeks. i hope things go well


kellens mom - March 14

Have faith. Also, this time see if the hospital has a good lactation consultant. If they don't, I would suggest getting in touch with someone from the Lache league so that you have some immediate support. I know you did nurse before, but if you are nervous you should develop a backup plan for support. The more prepared you are the easier it will be.


jazminesmom - March 14

yeah i did nurse as well as i can, but my experience wasn't that good, my sister in law is b___stfeeding her son and b___stfed her daughter so she will give me support if i need it but haveing a profressional sounds good too


kellens mom - March 14

I am glad to hear that someone has a SIL that they can talk to and get support from. I would feel so ackward talking to my sil about these things...she dones not make herself available for anything.


jazminesmom - March 15

i am glad i can talk to her about this since my mom pa__sed away before i got pregnant the first time. i have to ask other people for help if i need it. wll thank you all for your support now hopefully i get preggo soon


kellens mom - March 15

Jaz, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I could not imagine not having my mom to share all of this with. Sooo sorry....


jazminesmom - March 15

thank you, yeah i found out i was pregnant with my daughter 3 months after her pa__sing, i think in a way she send jazmine to me, since we were trying but i didn;t think i would get pregnant that fast, now trying this time is taking longer.


jazminesmom - March 15

we are trying for number 2. forgot to put that in


kellens mom - March 16

That is such a sweet sentiment. I hope she did send her to you. I can think of no better gift in the world.


jazminesmom - March 16

no there isn't any better gift than her she can be stubborn sometimes but i love my little girl, i thought my first baby would be a boy but when they told me it was a girl i cryed



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