Working And Dwindling Supply I M Dying Here

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Sam - June 1

Hello, My baby is four months old and I've been back to work for a month. Pumping is a pain, but I'm doing it as much as I can--am getting about 12 ounces pumping three times a day. I was getting more a week or so ago--not sure why I'm not getting as much now. Advice? My DD has stopped sleeping, and now just cries. She may be hungry, I don't know, although she's getting enough ounces during the day that she should be able to sleep through the night. Here's my conundrum. I cannot keep waking up every two hours to feed her. I'm a zombie. Now we're trying some cry it out stuff, and I'm worried she's not getting enough milk before bed (I get quite a bit on my first pump of the day, then it dwindles as the day goes on to about 3 ounces total from both br___ts by the afternoon). Anyway, is that enough? I don't want to supplement with anything. I want to keep br___tfeeding, but I also want to sleep. To get my milk supply up, I have to nurse all night, if I nurse all night, she'll think that she CAN nurse all night. It's basically a catch-22 and I'm exhausted. Our pediatrician's nurse told me to not feed her as much as I was at night, because she doesn't need it and is just "snacking." I'm getting so many mixed messages, I don't know what to do.


Brenda - June 2

About the sleeping thing try to create a routine and feed her at the same time and give her all she will take. Plus make sure that you are using the proper pump there are some pumps that just dont work like they should. I am not sure on this one but you should research on things that might get your supply up i know that having your baby at the b___st is the best one but i have also heard that oatmeal works sometimes. Good luck.


Susan W - June 2

Have your cycles returned or seem about to return? If so, that could be why you are suddenly noticing a drop in supply. Who CARES what your ped's nurse is saying?? If that will help your supply, then I would suggest learning to nurse laying down. Once I figured that out, it was like a miracle had just happened :) I would also recommend you perhaps contact a lactation consultant or local La Leche League leader who might be able to work specifically with you to help you out. Or check out the LLL message board online. Good luck. But hang in there. You are doing what is right!!


Elle - June 3

Hi Sam, I feel your pain, I really do! I'll be pumping at work too when I go back in a couple weeks. Anyway, If you are not opposed to natural supplements, I would suggest taking Fenugreek. I had the low supply problem and took this herbal supplement for a few days and it worked wonders for me. I got it at a health food store. Also, are you completely emptying your b___sts at each pumping session during the day? If not, that eventually can reduce your supply. Good luck with everything!!


Sam - June 7

Hi Ladies. An update: My hungry baby must have worked her magic because my supply is up again. Yeah! I will definitely try that Fenugreek if I need to in the future. And baby seems to be sleeping a LITTLE better. At the advice or our pediatrician at yesterday's 4-month appointment, I fed her before I went to sleep, my husband comforted her when she woke up at 1:30, then she woke up for a meal again at 4. Not too bad. If I only have to get up once during the night, that will be just fine. I love nursing in bed, but then baby always wants to do that. So I'm trying to make sure she sleeps in her crib all the time for sleep training purposes (I also don't sleep nearly as well when I sleep with her--too aware, I guess). Thanks for your advice, ladies.



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