Wow Amp Is She STILL Hungry

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Emy - February 16

I am so confused. I pump and br___tfeed. I fed my dd (who is only ten days old), 2 oz of br___t milk and then she fed off the br___t for about 10 minutes. I felt she had enough and, to be honest, I had no more milk left in my br___ts, but she was fussy and opening her mouth back and acting like she was still starving. I felt so bad, because I don't want her to feel like I don't want to feed her when she is hungry. What should I do at moments like that? I really don't want to give her formula. Is there another reason she might be acting this way other than hungry or am I going to have to supplement against my wishes?


April - February 17

Sounds normal to me. This might help - Tips for coping with frequent nursing First of all, do know that frequent nursing is normal and expected in the early months - most newborns need to nurse at least 8 - 12 times per day. Frequent nursing is also needed -- to avoid/reduce engorgement in the early days, to nourish and grow a baby who has a stomach the size of his fist but who needs to double his weight within 5-6 months, to establish a good milk supply for mom, and to help a baby who has been cradled close and warm inside mom for 9 months adjust to life in the outside world. Frequent nursing may sometimes be a warning sign of inefficient milk transfer or low milk supply, but if baby has good diaper output, is gaining well and is generally happy and healthy, then the frequent nursing is unlikely to be a sign of a problem. That was from they are a fantastic website for nursing moms. Good luck Emy.


Emy - February 17

Thanks April! That helps a lot. I think her stomach is tiny and so she needs to eat more frequently....


Heidi - February 17

I agree with everything April said. You have to let them nurse when they want to as this helps build your milk supply up and sometimes they just like that bonding/nursing time. Emma is already 4 months old and I notice when I get home from work she likes to nurse and fall alseep in my arms and she'll wake up looking for my b___b and then fall back asleep once she starts sucking. She just likes the closeness and because of this my milk has increased so much that I'm freezing extra besides what I sent to daycare with her. As long as she has a lot of wet/soiled diapers every day, don't worry. She's getting enough.


Leilani14 - February 27

Hi! I'm just a lurker here. I'm 10weeks PG with my first so I like to read about you experiences. reading you post I remembered the issues my mom had with my youngest brother. She would nurse him and he would completly dry her up, and he would get really fussy very quickly and you could tell he was hungry. So she started to use formula. She would first nurse him until he would eat everything she had and right after she would offer him a bottle. She nursed him like that until he was 9 mo old, and he was the happiest baby ever.



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