Your Diet Gassy Baby

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jessielouwho - April 17

My ds is 5 weeks and he's been gassy since I brought him home, but not excessively or constantly, usually gas drops would resolve the issue. But for the past week or so he has been very irritated, fusses constantly between crying and screaming, I also have a hard time getting him to sleep for a decent period of time. I understand this may be something in my diet so I've already cut out dairy (it's killing me because I love milk) after eating/drinking, milk, cheese and ice cream all in one day, the results were horrible. But when reading over about how my diet can affect the baby it seems to cut out just about everything that is typically in my daily diet. I'm starting to get concerend that it is something else but he's eating well, I'm sure he's getting the hind milk because he's emptying my br___ts, he's making all the dirty diapers he should, his stool appears normal, a little runny but I've read that's normal. I'm just wondering if anyone else is struggling with this, maybe there is no solution but to hear from someone who can relate might relieve the worry a little. Thanks.


ashleyb - April 17

I too would love to know the answer to this. I too have a very ga__sy baby. He's 2 weeks. Today, I thought I'd try not eating dairy at all. So, I broke down and ate a cheesecake mini but it was an emotional pick-me up. He still was ga__sy today. I'm wandering whether he's colicy??? Even then it's more important to try different things with your diet. Frustrating! I hate those screams and cries!


Annette - April 18

Jessie, it might depend on who you ask, but the nurses at the hospital, my pediatricians and my brother who is a doctor told me that there is NO way your diet can affect the baby when it comes to produce gas (although you have to be careful with raw proteins because of the bacteria, not the gas, and alcohol). My MIL is a RN and she swears eating some foods like beans and broccoli produce gas in babies, but quite honestly I personally don´t believe it. I know some babies are sensitive to some proteins in b___stmilk , that´s why they get colicky when mom drinks cow milk and other dairy products but that was not my case. My own baby was fussy, ga__sy, cranky and spitting up a LOT from 4 to 6 weeks; I read ( it could be because he was drinking too much foremilk, which is very high in lactose. Long story short, I pumped out some of this clear watery milk before every feed, and after week #7 he went back to normal without me changing anything in my diet. I was also told it could be a growth spurt. Anyway, my ds is 10 weeks now and happier than ever.


Jamie - April 18

My daughter reacted to garlic, onion, and green pepper. I was able to gradually phase them back in as she grew older.


K - April 18

I'm lucky because my 9 week old daughter has never been a very fussy baby, but we went through a week or two when she would occasionally have these horrible ga__sy periods where she would cry and scream for long periods of time and I felt so bad for her. I eat alot of dairy and I was worried that was what was causing it, then I realized that the episodes always seemed to come after I ate Subway or pizza. The common thread was green peppers on both. I quit eating green peppers and she has not had another episode since. I've heard it takes around 4 hours for whatever you have eaten to affect your milk. I would try to think about what you have eaten frequently that might be doing it, and maybe try to cut out one thing at at time to see if it helps and if you can figure out what it might be.


Happy Mom - April 18

You can try drinking chamomille or fennel tea. They are good for tummies and baby will get the benefits through your milk. Peppermint tea also works though I have read some moms use it to dry up? I drink it all the time and have tons of milk? It will get better as you baby gets older though.


Ginny - April 21

When I eat onions it really upsets my baby girl's stomach. She's not necissarily ga__sy, she just fusses like she's in pain, then finally stops when she makes a bowel movement. It stopped immediately when I stopped eating onions. Annette, that's pretty cool about the foremilk. I've never heard that before, but it makes sense.


amyh - April 25

My daughter is 9 weeks and I haven't had any problems with her being ga__sy. I am living in Switzerland and I have been following all of the midwife/doctors advice since the hospital---where they even prepared the food separately for mothers b___stfeeding. My husband would always get different food than I did- garlic, onions, mid-to spicy foods, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, only mild cheeses, chocolate (but have to admit I indulge in that one)...that's what I remember. I also have a fennel tea to give her if she gets gas pains. I have yet to need it. If you buy one for an adult, you just need to let the tea seep for a minute or two....says our pharmacist. Also, there is b___stfeeding teas that you can buy- I use one by Sidroga. It contains fennel and other ingredients to help colicky babies...check out the Weleda website in the states, because they have a similar tea.


mom42 - May 4

My first got incredibly stinky gas when I would eat deli turkey, so I cut it out. My second got really painful gas when I ate tomatoes. It totally sucked cutting back on it, but I could really see a difference when I did. As she has gotten older, she has gotten over that.



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