2nd C Section And Having Tubes Tied

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Michelle - July 1

Ok...I have a question. I am pregnant with my second child and going to have my tubes tied after my c-section. Has anyone had this done before? Does it hurt more because of the tubes being tied or do you not notice any difference? Just curious to know what to expect.


Jbear - July 3

I'm eager to hear the answer to this too.


shazzy - July 3

i had my tubes tied on my third section no it didnt hurt it only lasts about 5 or ten mins and you cant feel it good luck


Bev - July 10

After my second c-section I had the tubes tied...you feel nothing because you are already frozen. Now if I may: Don't do it. I did it thinking I was making the right decison, money, expenses, the fact we gave birth to one of each, hubby pressureing me to do it because he didn't want a V-snip. Anyways, I failed to listen to me...when he was 6 mths I went into such a regretfull almost depression thing. I've regretted ever since. Now for a twist, my one tube repaired itself, came undone whatever, I got pregnant in Dec 04, but then misscarried in Jan 05. My DR advised me to wait min 6 mths, to let all post partum depression pa__s, and then a___lyze where we are, and then have the procedure. I suppose it all depends on your unique situation, if you are older, kids with needs...and you physically can't have more than two. If you are at peace with ending your own fertility...this is permanent. To invitro later costs $thousands and to get a reversal also cost for us would be $4000-5000 not covered by health care.


Heather - July 17

Michelle, I would not tie your tubes after only having 2. I am pregnant with my 4th & this is my 4th c-section too. You can't have any doupts if this is what you want to do. I thought I was only going to have 2 but when my 2nd got 2 I wanted another really bad. My husband only wanted 2 but yet he wanted a 3rd too. So thank goodness I didn't tie my tubes with the 2nd or 3rd. Although this time during my 4th c-section I am tieing my tubes. You think now that you only want 2 but trust me you WILL change your mind. It is one of the most regretful things women do.


Jbear - July 18

I'm having my tubes tied when my second child is born. There's never been any doubt in my mind that I only wanted two children, and with my health problems during pregnancy it seems like the safest thing I can do. I'm not a good candidate for birth control, and I don't want to spend the next 25 or so years using condoms with my husband.


Michelle - July 27

Thanks ladies for your input. I will reconsider it. Now that I am pregnant I have been wondering if I will want more. I have discussed it with my husband, but we are just not sure yet. I guess I will decide once the time approaches faster.


Dee - August 2

I am four weeks post c-section with elective tubal ligation. It didn't feel any different for me than with my first c-section. They say the recovery is longer, but I haven't found that to be true at all. Yes, you still have to be careful not to overdo it after the surgery, but there is no difference in the pain. Good Luck!


stacy s. - August 8

i had my tubes tied after my 2nd child which is now 6. There's not much of difference however, my boyfriend and i have not been using any protection and i have all the symptoms of pregnancy. No period, and all the extras. Good 2 u


Kelli Roberts - August 12

I had two c sections and after my second I got them tied. right after they deliverd her. I really didnt notice anything after just pain from c section


Jbear - August 16

For anyone having their tubes tied, if you're on Medicaid or some health insurances, you have to sign a paper 30 days in advance if you want your tubes tied. So if you're having it done, and your due date is getting close, ask your doctor if there's something you have to sign.



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