4 C Sections Any Complications

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KC - June 25

Anyone ever have 4 c-sections? How did it go if you did? Mine are done were I am put to sleep. Was wondering how anyone else came through after having the 4th good experiences or bad?


sariya khan - June 26

i ve the question that if pregnancy occurs quikly after c-section within 3 months would it affect the precnancy


Jackie - June 28

I am heading in for c-sec #4 I would like to know too. I am the only one I know that has had so many also. I do know it takes longer for them to get to the baby cause of scar tissue. KC, what does your doctor say about having anymore? Why are you put to sleep?


jossie - July 6

i have had 2 setions but i was on another site yesterday and a lady had 5 natural births first then went on to have 9 seperate c-sections and would like one more!


KC - July 6

Jackie, My doctor told me the same thing, that it will take longer to get the baby out. Also my doctor advised me to tie my tubes cause he said in his words "Once you have had 4, 5, or 6 c-sections it becomes a health risk". But we were thinking about it anyways. So they are tieing my tubes with this one. I am put to sleep cause epidurals don't work the 1st time they put them in on me. It normally takes at least 3 times to get it in correctly. I am not over weight or anything it's just my spine is a bit different from a fall I took when I was younger. I am 28. Being put to sleep works much better for me.


KC - July 6

Jackie, I forgot to ask ya. When are you having c-section #4? I am having mine on 7-27-05.


jeannie - July 8

i've had 4 c-sections. i had an epidural for 2 and was asleep for 2. the recovery seemed to be the same for all of them. on a positive note, at least you know what to expect after your c-section. i didn't notice the dr. taking any longer to get the baby out due to scar tissue. good-luck


KC - July 13

Jeannie, Did you prefer being put to sleep instead of the epidurals? And I don't remember from my last but when you are put to sleep how long do you stay in recovery? Also did you tie your tubes after your 4th?


Anita - July 14

I have just had my 4th c section 10 days ago. I found the after pains far worse this time, infact I thought I was going to die. The recovering at home is not as bad as I had first expected, but find it hard to manage my other children as I can not lift anything, including my youngest child 23 months old ( my oldest being 4). Unfortunatly we at a much higher risk of infection and potentional bowel problems so don't over estimate what you can do, even if you feel fine. I was awake during the c section but I had lots of happy drugs. Definatley no more!!!


Di - July 14

I had section #4 September 2004 - and have not had any problems with any of them. I have to say #1 was the worst - only because I didn't know what to expect. Take your pain meds when you need to - and don't over do it!!!


Danielle - July 23

My 4th c-section was my worst, unfortunatley I fought to have my baby on his due date, as I have never been in labour before and knew I wouldnt go into labour, which I didnt. but the doctor was usless and didnt cut my uterus big enough and she ripped it getting his head out. My baby was out very quickly, but I did haemorrage and was in the op for over 3 hours being sewn up. I healed quickly afterwards though, but not as quickly as with the first 3 in comparasion. I am now trying to find out if the uterus can heal itself over time. my sister had 4 and 2 friends also had 4 and theirs all went great (better doctors! and smaller babies heads I guess!!) goodluck!!



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