4th Cesarean

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sophie13 - February 6

I am 34, trying to fall pregnant after 4years, I seem to have forgotten which week of my pregnancy the cesarean should take place.


DelroyandDevita - February 6

Hello, I am currently 29 weeks with my 4th Csection, and my ob will do the procedure at 39 weeks.


sophie13 - February 11

Dear Delroy and Devita, Thank you so much for that, now all I need to do is fall pregnant, this will be the first month for trying, we are rather excited to do this and even have a baby name, so I am trying to not get too worried about the when, but just looking forward to the if of falling pregnant.


DelroyandDevita - February 11

NP. I got pregnant in my first month of TTC. I testsed positive at 9 days post ovulation. So far so good. I have not had an single problem with this pregnancy, and I am feeling really good. I had all of my c sections, lower transverse on my uterus which was a relief to my new doctor. I am expecting a boy, and we are truly blessed.


paolan - February 11

39 weeks ,recent studies have shown that babies born via c section before the 39 week are more likely to have breathing problems and their brain too needs the extra time, Best place to be is mom's womb.


Lauralovesher3 - February 28

DelroyandDevita! Is lower transverse cut same as the bikini cut? Is that better? I am dreaming of number four, but my ob scared the fire out of me the other day....:(....Do you know if it makes any diffrence that my dr. removed a lot of my scar tissue during my third c-section? Any info you have would be greatly appreciated!


DelroyandDevita - March 3

Hello.. Well my doctor is a high risk doctor, and he was never really nervous, however when he received my post operative reports he was really relieved. It seems low transverse incisions are the best. He said that the probablility of uterine ruputure is low. I haven't had any issues, and I have very little scar tissue. With having the scar tissue removed it is good. I would double check with a high risk doctor in your area.



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