6 C Sections Pregnant Now With 7th Life Or Death

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lk - September 11

I just want to know if anyone has had multiple repeat c sections ( 5 or more) and any problems. I just found out I am pregnant and am really scared. My OB told me next time it could be life or death. Uterus may not be able to handle it


m - September 16

have you asked for a vbac instead?


to lk - September 16

I am a__suming that your dr meant that your uterus may not withstand the pressure from nine months pregnancy a seventh time after being cut six times. I am not sure what to advise except to contact your physician immediately. I'm sure they will want to monitor you closely. Just remember nothing helps like positive thinking so keep positive and I wish you luck. As far as VBAC is concerned, I'm not sure that that is the best road because of the pressure labor would put on your uterus after six previous sections. You and your physician will be the best judges of that!


SL - October 5

Just a word of encouragement -- I have heard a couple stories of women who safely delivered 8 babies via c-section! I don't know what percentages deliver this many safely, but maybe it helps to know there are other women who have done it.


amy - October 5

just curious what type of incisions do you have? i would tell you to try and stay off of your feet when you start putting on the weight...keep us posted


to IK - October 5

I will pray for you and your family. You must be VERY vigilant about any pains, pressure or dull/sharp aches, etc, you have anywhere near your pregnant tummy. In fact, in your case, I would seek medical help immediately any time you have pain that is not explained (like you stubbed your toe..) You poor thing, just stay as calm as possible and make that man of yours do more than his fair share to help keep you off your feet...this is definately as much his dilemma as yours. Please be good to yourself and for goodness sake, no matter what the reason for such a large family, make sure this is your last baby!!! I quit after four, and if I may say so without offending anyone, there is no way anybody, any religion or any one with a gun was going to make me have another c-section. I think you have done a wonderful job to go through so many surgeries already to bring your babies into the world and I hope you will get through this one safely and healthily. God Bless you and your family, take care.



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