6 Months After C Section Scar Still Hurts Anyone Else

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ChristinaBonBon - February 26

I am wondering if any body else is having trouble with their c-section scar like I am. Mine still feels like a hard ridge of scar tissue and still slightly tender feeling, and still has an odd shape to it like a sausage of flesh above the incision and the hard scar tissue underneath. The skin has healed well on the outside, but it still feels sore under the skin. Anyone else had this or knows if I need to get it checked out? Any stories would be helpful. Thanks


andreareed - February 26

I had a c-section and it has been a year ago. My scar was sensitive and sounds alot like how yours is. All of that went away. I don't even know its there half the time. The sensitivity went away and the itching stopped all around 8 mths post partum


sahmof3 - February 26

I don't have constant pain, but I still do get some "pulling" type pains on oca__sion. My youngest is 19 months old (and he was my 3rd c-section).


aurorabunny - February 26

If there is a lump under the scar and it is painful, it could be infection and is worth getting checked out. Hopefully it's something normal, but trust me definetly worth getting checked out just to make sure.


ChristinaBonBon - February 27

Ladies, thanks so much for your replies. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever feel back to normal :( andreareed, your post relly helped cos I feel better now that the healing process might just take a bit longer yet, but hopefully by little ones 1st birthday I'll be feeling and looking better! Perhaps if it's still sore by 8 months I'll pop to the doctors (I hate my doctor though!!) Thanks again.


newty - February 28

I had my first c-section almost 3 years ago and it still felt numb prior to my 2nd one 2 weeks ago. It takes a while for the flesh above the incision to form back into shape. It did for me anyway-- about a year, maybe a little longer. I think what you're experiencing is normal. Newty



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