7 Months Later And Still Numb

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Michelle C - March 10

i had my son 7 months ago and i still have that wierd numb feeling across my belly above the incision. I have a doc appt in a couple of weeks so i'll ask her about it but i was wondering how long this may have lasted for other people...i thought only a couple of months but surely this is a long time...im worried about nerve damage...any one else??


JulieK - March 10

It has been 16 months since my section and I still have the numbness. Some people just don't get the sensation back.


djh - March 10

I had four, and years later I still have no feeling in my scar or in the skin directly around it. But, low rise pants, certain underwear, or pressure applied to the scar will provoke unpleasant sensations to this day. Sorry I couldn't give you a time frame, if it helps, you do kind of get used to it.


frankschick2001 - March 29

I have the same problem, but it has only been three months for me. Same numbness at the site of the scar and the area surrounding it. It's such a yucky feeling when I touch it. I asked my doctor about this about a month ago, and he said it was natures anesthetic, but I hate to think tha this may last forever????????


Seredetia - March 30

Some people never get rid of the numbness a__sociated with a c-section...others regain feeling within 6 months or so. Only time will tell, really.


twinsmom05 - April 4

its been 20 months since my c-section and yes still numb here..feel strange but my kids are worth it ;)


tonilee7 - April 15

nearly 6 years since my c-section and I still have that funny numb sensation, i think it is just the dead nerves in the scar tissue that cause it, I am 35 weeks pregnant and find out in 2 weeks if I need another c-section.


addisons mommy - April 23

Its normal. Dont worry Its bee almost 2 years and I still have some numbness.


maknyle - April 23

It has been almost 3 years, and I have the same thing. It isn't painful, just numb. My husband is a heart patient and had open heart surgery. He says the same thing of his scar on his chest. It has been almost 8 years since his surgery. I a__sume it is the same type of feeling.


shea4 - April 25

it's been 13 months and mine is still numb and like one poster said, i get a strange feeling when certain underwaer puts pressure on it. My underwear either has to be granny type, high over the scar or very low to avoid it.


AudreyC - April 29

I was beginning to wonder if this was normal or not! My dd was born by emergency c-sec 5 months ago, and the area of my belly about 2 inches above the scar feels weird or numb-like. I can finally get back into my regular jeans although they're a bit snug, I still hope I can get my "shape" back eventually.


KyMbO - May 9

3 months later, and i am still numb. Nextdoor neighbour had a c-section2 & 5 years ago, and she is still numb. Got to remember that c-section is a major surgery, and they cut quite deep. There is bound to be some damage there, but don't be too worried. Talk to your doc and find out what they think. Good Luck :)


jacksonscottsmommy - June 12

I asked my doctor the same question, its almost annoying. She told me it can take months or like the other ladies said on here, it may never go away. Who knew. One good thing is it keeps me from wearing any kind of tight clothing. lol


jade123 - June 13

my daughter is 13 months and my scar is still numb, i get itches sometimes and i cant feel myself scratching. its awful. my friend had a c-section too 4 years ago and she said the same thing.


skittlez - September 27

I have had two c-sections, one in 12/03 and the other in 08/05 both were the same incision site. I still, to this day, a little more than 3 years later, have no feeling where the actual scar is. I am also scheduled for another c-section this coming Monday. It's normal from what the drs have told me considering that anytime you separate skin there is always the possibility of separating and damaging nerves but there is really nothing that can be done about it from my understanding.


maria514 - October 5

i believe we all have it we other get over it or still have it


Candi101 - October 10

I've had three c/sections. The last in 2002, I'm still as numb as I was just after the surgery. Just one of those things I'm afraid. It's completely normal though. Do not worry yourself.



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