At What Quot Week Quot Are You Having Scheduled C Section

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Concerned & In Pain - August 11

I have chronic pain from an old shattered pelvic injury. Just curious: This will be my third c-section due to those old injuries ... my first was taken 14 years ago at 37 weeks; my second (10 years ago) at 36 weeks ... and now I am told this one will be taken at FULL-TERM (No earlier than 39 weeks) ?!?!?!?!? The difference with this one (other than I am obviously ten years older since my last) is the hip/pelvic pain is worse, and I have an incisional hernia that is getting bigger by the day. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought sceduled c-sections were usually performed a few weeks early ... especially if patient has a history of medical problems?


KH - August 11

mine was 39 weeks and 1 day. I know, it stinks hah?


Ca__sie - August 11

I have had 3 c-sections and all of mine were scheduled on my due date. But my last c-sections was at 37 weeks because I went into labor early.


Jbear - August 12

I have an incisional hernia and high blood pressure. My doctor said the latest he would do my c-section was at 38 weeks. He wanted to do it at 36 weeks 5 days but I asked for a little more time, since my first baby was born at 36 weeks and had to spend 10 days in NICU.


Also want to know ... - August 12

but what about just plain'o, routine (or repeat) c-sections ... at what week are they usually done?


tracey - August 12

This is my 2nd c- section, my doctor told me depends on the size of my baby. He said it would be no later then at 38 weeks, except if the baby is too big then at 37. The doc said he will not wait till the due date.


Danielle - August 16

I'm scheduled for my 3rd c-section (heart condition and pelvic misalignment) day after tomorrow - 39 weeks on the nose. My doctor did an ultrasound yesterday to confirm the baby is ready first because they want to avoid respiratory problems etc. It's best if your baby can stay inside for as long as possible. My 2nd baby was taken a little too early (due date was off I think) and we had problems with his breathing. He couldn't sleep lying down for a month so I had to sleep in a recliner with him on my chest. You truly want to avoid problems for your baby if at all possible by letting them gestate until full term. Best wishes!


Nicole - August 20

My doctor scheduled mine on september 6 my due date is september 10 almost full term. I am hoping to go into labor before then so i can try a vbac but if not i am going for another csection so i dont have to go overdue


Jo_J - August 23

I know, I've been told today mine will be a 39 weeks adn I was expecting 38 weeks. Good reason tho' if you go into labour first then end up with c section before 39 wks, for reasons they are not sure of, babys lungs have been helped mature by labour, but if you deliver a baby by section before 39 weeks and it is elective, the baby can have breathing difficulties-thats what my consultant told me today - so 3 more weeks to go - not that I'm counting down!!!


Norma - August 23

I had a scheduled c-section at FULL TERM on my actual due date...doc told me he wanted to do it at 36 weeks, b/c I had high blood pressure. But, since my pressure stabilized for a while he did it at full term.



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