Staples Stay In 24hrs Or 7days

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gilsridin - March 17

My step daughter is in prison in Tx and due to have her 4th child in a just over a month. I have never had children so I'm asking for her. She will be having her 4th C-section. She said with each previous one, the metal staples stayed in for 7 days, but has written me that in prison, they are removed the next day. She is scared because 2 of the girls have had the incision open up and one girl had to have a second surgery to fix hers. She asked me to do some reasearch for her, so I am. Please feel free to tell me what info to pass on to her if the staples are removed the next day. Thanks in advance....Janet


helena - March 18

After my first c-section i had the staples removed the day i was let out of the hospital, which was 3 days after surgery.


Mel - March 18

I do not believe it is sound medicine to remove the staples after only 24 hours! I have never heard of them being removed before the mother is discharged unless she stayed longer than 3-4 days, and in that case they still probably wouldn't be removed because the mother must be having complications and up to a week or so is fine. I think someone should ask for an outside OB to write a professional statement indicating that it is not sound medical care to remove the staples from such a large incision unless the surgical "super-glue" is also utilized. Sounds like a sad situation all the way around and prayers on in order for your family and especially the tiny baby who obviously is going to have a rougher start than he or she deserves.


Jenn - March 18

I never had staples with mine-they don't do them at my hospital anymore unless something is wrong with the incision. The use the dissolvable ones on the inside and the incision itself looked like it was glued-the only way for me to describe it-but no staples.


olivia - March 18

I had my staples out same as helena, 3 days after surgery, before I went home. They do try to get them out quickly but hopefully they are going to do it too soon for your daughter. They may do some kind of steri stripping or glue to reinforce the incision. My tummy healed great with only 3 days of the staples. Sorry I don't have more info for you.


lovemy3 - March 18

hello. I have had 3 sections and had my staples removed with all 3 on Day 3. A friend of mine had her staples left till day 5 and her skin grew over top and it was very painful having them removed.


krnj - March 18

They removed my staples 4 days right before I went home.


Doreen - March 21

Hi there, I had an emergency c-section (from just below my belly b___ton straight down to my pubic bone) so lots of staples... half were removed 5 days later and the others 3 days after that. Hope this helps!


Lynne - April 6

I had my staples removed a week after placement. I wouldn't want them removed before leaving the hospital, I just wonder if you would have time to heal. I was only in the hospital 3 days though.


Bonnie - April 6

They removed my staples the day I left the hospital and I was only in 2 days. I was concerned about the incision opening up and asked if maybe I should stay longer to give it time to heal. Both doctors that came to see me told me it was no problem and that really 24 hours is more than enough time. I was really surprised by that and said, "Are you SURE??!" lol. They just laughed and said definately. Mine where removed on the 2nd day when I was discharged and I never had any problems at all. Not only that, my baby was very big and I was carrying a lot more stuff around the house than you are supposed to. I wouldn;t worry.


cristen326 - April 8

My staples were removed in the hospital two days after surgery. The tape then started to come off about a week later.


EM - April 11

They removed mine at my 5 day check up. I would definitely tell her to push them to leave them in longer...what difference is it to they kick her back to her cell or whatever 24 hours after her surgery?



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