Abdominal Pain After Cesearan

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Lisa - June 11

I had a second c-section 8 weeks ago and I am experiencing abdominal pain to the point I cannot walk, laugh, cough, or sit down and try to get back up again. The left side of my stomach feels normal, but the right side is larger when I stand up and very hard where it does not go in when you push on it. The pain starts at the right side of the stomach all the way up to under my ribs. When I lay down, my stomach is flat and you cannot feel anything in there, but when I stand up, the right side feels like there is a grapefruit in there and hard as a rock. Is this normal and will it go away, or is there something seriously wrong. This pain is affecting my everyday activities where I cannot walk for long periods of time and I cannot work. My first c-section did not do this at all. There was less pain on my second, but now I have this problem that is not going away.


Jbear - June 12

I think you need to call your doctor about the symptoms you're having. Did you have a postpartum checkup already, and were you having the pain then?


Lisa - June 12

Yes, I called my the nurse who answer's the phone and she said to give it another week or so. My six week visit I told her about it and she did not seem too concerned. Yesterday my back hurt so bad that I could not stand at all, directly across from where it hurt in front of my body. Today the hardness that is next to my scar is down a little. Along with my c-section I had a Tubal also and not sure if this is the problem. I have not started my regular periods yet either. I have never been sick my entire life and have never had any pains, but I know I could not live like this forever. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow.


t.l - June 29

i had my 2nd c-sec 10 weeks ago, also had my tubes done and i am still in pain. my back will get so sore that it buckles when i try to get up. i also have yet to receive a period. A friend of mine also had her 2nd c-sec bout 8 months ago and her tubes tied. She too dealt with alot of the same issues and has informed me that her first period was extremely painful.


Lisa - June 29

I went to the doctor and she ordered a CT scan and I found out I have a hernia. I will have surgery on the 1st.


Michelle - July 7

Ya'll are freaking me out!!!! I am having my second child and it will be a c-section and then I am having my tubes tied. Will this be a problem???? I hope not. Sorry ladies!


Dupee05 - July 11

I had a c-section 2 and 1/2 months ago and i am all of the sudden feeling tight pains in my stomach. It almost feels like my muscles are tightening... this was my first section... so could somebody tell me if this is normal


jerri - July 14

oh I am glad I am not the only one I am having the exact same kind of pain! My section and tubal were only a week ago but I felt fine now all of the sudden I hurt so bad on my right side I can not walk which means I have a fussy 2 yr old and newborn because I can not tend to them fast enough! It is more painful than the 16 hrs of labor I did experience with my first!


Alexandra - August 4

I had an emergency c-section (after 24 hours of induced labour) almost three weeks ago, and have had intermittent agonizing pains in the area from my navel up to the bottom of my ribs. It hurts like hell, and makes me feel almost breathless. My ObyGyn told me to take Advil and Tylenol, which works sometimes. I'm an active person and the prospect of being in pain for three more weeks (or more) depresses me. Who ever guessed that the recovery from a c-section would be so utterly horrible?


Lisa - August 4

Well, I figured out what all my pain was about. It is 4 months later and have went through hell. I ended up with a hernia after my c-section. While I was under, the surgeon had to reopen the entire c-section because the hernia was as big as a softball. My stiches from the c-section inside had opened up and this is why I developed a hernia. I think these was caused from coughing. I had a cold when I returned home from the hospital. I had complications from the hernia surgery which left me not being able to walk because of burning/razor like pain on my right side. This has been going on now for a month and has left me in tears every day because the pain has been so bad. I ended up going to the emergency room, having 4 CT scans, having it drained again due to an infection. I went to an Internal Medicine doctor and he told me to go back to the surgeon because he could help me, and the surgeon ended up saying he has no idea what it is. Nice isn't it. I could not get in to see a Neuoroligist, or pain management. So what have I done, I went to my minister and two days he did a healing on me. I took two Aleve and the pain has been gone for a week now. I am not sure what did it. Choose your surgeon carefully if you are ever in this situation. Sorry, for the horror story, but I figured it out and I mean, I had to figure it out on my own.


Lisa - August 4

Oh, and I had 8 inches of fat removed. I guess that would be the positive side to all of this. Took off the baby fat.



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