ADhesions Or Scarring After C Section

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mrssmith07 - March 21

Im up for baby #4 (4th c section) and I have scarring and doc told me that I may want to reconsider having another baby after the 3rd. The first one was ok the second ok and the 3rd was longer recovery time and just not a great experience for me. I think it was teh doc and the hospital more than anything. Does anyone know how to get rid of scar tissue?


blessedwith4 - March 24

Unfortunately I don't think we can get rid of scar tissue. A bigger concern of multiple csections is placenta accreta, where the placenta grows through the scar. good luck xox


alverran - March 28

A question for you ladies. Does the Dr. give you a choice? I had a c-section but am not sure about the second. We shall see. Thank you.


AmyB - March 30

mrssmith deep tissue ma__sage can get rid of scar tissue or at least reduce it a bit however, you cant have it done once your pg...another thing you can do to reduce the surface scarring is rubbing the incision site once it heals...thats about it besides surgical removal and then that just creates more scar tissue...good luck...i have a lot of scar tissue too and am due in oct with #4 making it my 4th section


tummy tamer - May 17

Hi- I have a program for scar ma__sage- it does not "get rid" of scar tissue- but what you can do is "organize" the tissue so it heals in the best, softest, but strongest way, without bulges or pulling. Pain and pulling signifies an adhesion, which is just bundled scar tissue- scar tissue is collagen fibers that have healed from a surgery- how they heal is what is important- Daily ma__sage, can help you reduce the pain. open the area, and help you heal with minimal pain and side effects- scar tissue is really strong, and you want the strength working for you not against you! the ma__sage program is through a csrecoverykit site,and hopefully they will start advertising soon- but ma__sage and don't be afraid- fear the lack of movement and touch, more than touching your scar!



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