AF Cramps Severe

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ShoppingForTwo - October 19

Anyone else's af cramps way more painful months after their c-sections? I had my c-section 4 months ago and my af cramps a severe the first 2 days! Horrible! My husband and I are ttc currently and I feel VERY sore or sharp twinges of pain from time to time EVERYDAY! Maybe I'm already pregnant and that's my uterus streching. Or maybe its something else. But directly on the incision hurts the worse lately. Hurts the most on the inside during af. Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks.


sharon 20 - October 20

i had a c section oct last year i neva experinced any cramps iam now 4 months pregnant again and still havent experinced anything your discribing all achs and pains lasted no more than a month i think you should go and get it checked out asap to make sure theres no permant damage


catgiggles - November 19

Perhaps do a search on enometriomia and/or read my post under Lump under c-section scar :)


ShoppingForTwo - November 20

Thanks catgiggles! No lumps here! :) I will be 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow :)


djh - November 21

Yep, Before my c-sections I had 3 day easy periods with no cramping or hemorrhaging. After my c's I had the worst pain, like labor, huge clots, copious bleeding that interfered with every aspect of my daily life. I went through pads and tampons combined. After years of suffering labor every month I had to have a hysterectomy due to scar tissue and a condition called adenomysosis which is directly resultant of uterine surgery. The lining of the uterus that sheds each month would grow into my uterine muscle walls and just to shed this took labor like contractions complete with backache, horrible cramping etc. Since I never dilated past 1.5 cm in all my previous attempt at v-birth and I had to pa__s liver-like slabs of clots this was devastating. I am glad my uterus is gone but sad I had to give up my ovaries which were scarred from the c-sections. At least now I don't have to deal with all that mess each month. Dont' let dr.s tell you its not related to c-sections, I am not the only one who found this change in menstruation to be true post-c's. many women I know have had the same changes. Good luck, I hope yours is a temporary change and not long-term. Congrats on your baby!



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