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April - November 14

Here's the deal - throughout my whole pregnancy I have known that I would rather have a c-section than va___al birth, because I know my body, and I just think it would be better for me. My doctor kept saying, no, and that we would discuss it once I got further along. So we got closer, and he kept saying no, and that I should try a va___al, and if i wasn't progressing after like an obscene amount of hours, he would consider it. Well, this sent me into a rage, and gave me so much anxiety I just couldn't take it. Finally, realizing how much I am agonizing over this, he has agreed to let me have a c-section. My question is, have any of you that got an elective c had one from a doctor that didn't really want to? It's too late to switch, but I don't want to be treated badly throughout the rest of my pregnancy and surgery, because I'm not doing what he wants.


marcie. - November 15

hi april.I admire you for sticking it out,knowing what you want.When I had my 1st baby,like all expectant mothers I was nervous at the thought of the unknown.They said with drugs all will be fine etc.Well,the drugs did not take,the epidural only down a side,it was horrendous.I decided that if we had another no way was I ever doing that again.I saw the doctor before getting pregnant,throughout the pregnancy everything was fine,and there was no medical reason for me requiring an elective section,just my fear.The doctors said they would not let it happen this time,or whatever their words,anyway,I stuck to my guns,and had a wonderful birth.There was no compara__sion.The recovery was not that bad.Better than the feeling of your legs being ripped apart!


Oh my gosh! - November 15

A doctor that doesn't want to cut up a woman unnecessarily...My God, what a jerk! I think all doctors would like to be second guessed by their patients. How do you know you won't labor and deliver with little pain and time? You are right, a doctor couldn't possibly know how YOUR body works...all that medical school was just for fun.


April - November 15

I'll just ignore that last one, as I never asked for an opinion on the choice I made. Marcie - did your doctor still treat you well, or did he seem to have any sort of chip about you wanting to do something else? That's my fear, is that he's going to be rude from now on. I have an appointment this I guess I'll see.


marcie. - November 16

Hi April, yes,just ignore the last post.It makes me laugh when people say about being cut up,yet if you needed an operation for anything else that would be different.I look at it,that although they still say "major"operation,there are loads of these being done.A man has the easy part,if a women feels more comfortable having an operation,instead of labour then so be it.During my pregnancy,the midwife seemed a bit "put out"because I was adament that a cesarean was for me.She explained that things would be different and there are drugs to help with the pain,etc etc.I just made it clear that I had made up my mind.The 1st pregancy I wanted help with the pain,and knew I would before I was pregnant,and at the cla__ses,it was just it did not take,another made me feel sick,the experience simply awful.I will be interested to hear what your doctor said.If they won't let you,maybe there is another hospital who will?I can honestly tell you,for me the recovery from the operation was not longer than the v____al birth,and definately I was not in more pain.I felt uncomfortable afterwards,but with the pain meds it was manageable pain.after the natural birth,I felt sore every time I took a little step.I'll watch out for your reply.


OMG - November 17

KEY WORDS, MARCIE.... "..if you NEEDED..." As for you logic on scoffing at it being major surgery, do you know what major arteries are in the abdominal pelvic area, more you know where YOURS are? What is a femoral artery and what happens if a arteriole to it gets "nicked" during a fantastic c-section? What does "bleed-out" mean? What is done on a regular basis in just about every hospital every single day of the week and therefore should be demoted to routine and nothing big? Ah, yes, OPEN HEART SURGERY...but hey...they done all the time for something called "major surgery" Why can't you even try labor, don't get induced it is more painful...vag=pain mostly before, c-section=pain mostly after (if you don't get any infections of which there are many) Good luck, I guess, I mean it sounds like you WANT the attention that comes from a c-section.


Maria - November 17

I demanded a c-section as I was afraid of labor. The nurses and doctor were nice...TOO hind sight. When my spinal wore off I could not believe the pain I was in...they just smiled.


marcie. - November 17

of course I was explained the risks etc etc.I am simplt pitting my feelings out.Yes,any operation has a potential risk,but as I said,they do these operations all the time.I have a friends daughter having her 2nd in january.I would never want to experience my v____al birth again,I can still re-live it.As I said the recovery,for me,was not longer after the operation,with the pain meds I was fine.I had a friend who had a c-section,she was in pain as she got an infection.It was an emergency section.She had another baby,again her epidural did not take,she said the birth was more painful that even her operation recovery with an infection,but lucky for her the recovery was quicker.She'll tell you she is unsure which she prefered but it would have been the op,if it was'nt for the infection.


charlotte - November 17

april,I do hope you get your section.I agree with Marcie.I had a section and it was fine.People have operations all the time,and at least with this one you get something good out of it.The pain you get when you 1st try to get out of bed is manageable with some help,and remember,unlike a natural birth where the pain gets worse when you think it can't,the pain gets easier as the days,weeks go on.


Delia - November 18

I had both and while the other posters are right, it doesn't seem like labor can get any harder then it does, it is not true that the c-section pain isn't just as severe, one you get most of the pain before, and one you get the pain after. Not everyone has easy c's just like not everyone has easy vags. I think since your doctor is a human being but also a professional and since you have chosen not to follow his professional advice he may not be as friendly towards you but I doubt he would allow you to be treated badly.


To Marcie - November 19

I smell BS, a c-section with a MRSA infection is one of the most painful situations a person can endure THAT IS a MEDICAL FACT...look it up. Pro-sections will stop at nothing to further their "choice".


Beth - November 19

Neither will pro-vag's either, apparently. Nobody denies there are risks, and pain - yes pain - involved with a cesarean - but don't act like 3rd and 4th degree tears, and lifelong incontinonce are fun. What's that? You say that doesn't happen all the time? Well neither do surgical infections, and ma__sive blood loss, etc.


lk - November 19

To Beth, most people who have been responding that you call "pro-vags" are really just anti-unnecessary surgery. Also, many are just thoroughly offended that there are many vag birth moms out there that think we had an easy birth. That is simply not true, while some have relatively swift recoveries either way, it is offensive to be told you had your baby "....the easy way" when it was anything but for you. Sure, there are many bad vag birth stories too, but the objections are over the dissemination of false or misleading accolades of cesarean birth.


Maisy - November 19

Would people PLEASE stop saying "...people have operations all the time..." like that makes it safer? If a surgical procedure has been around for awhile it is only common sense it will go from experimental to "routine"...I don't know where you get the idea that just because an operation is performed frequently its risks diminish exponentially. It doesn't. The initial amount of risk decreases for the first several thousand procedures but after that, the risks are still the risks, period. To be honest, it sounds un-informed. I work in LD so don't go getting all renegade on me as I have "experienced" hundreds of births vicariously through my patients. To the original poster, it would be very unprofessional for your doctor to treat you rudely, but on the other side, you said you went in to a rage, do you feel that that is appropriate behavior? I have witnessed physicians who have dropped patients and (of course) rea__signed them to other physicians if they feel their patient wants them to perform an unnecessary procedure that they do not feel is medically valid. Perhaps that is what you can ask for.


April - November 19

Oh christ, saying I went into a rage was like saying, "I was so mad I could have killed him" - just an exaggeration. I didn't go throwing things, and knocking over medical equipment.


Maisy - November 19

One can only read the words you use. And out of the entire response that is the only thing that jumped out at you? You can ask your OB to transfer you to another doctor if you feel you will be treated badly. But It seems like you do not care in the least why your doctor wouldn't want to do a cesarean on you...why? Isn't that why you hire someone trained in that area? Anyhow, stumbled on to this forum by mistake and will leave you to your own decision.



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