Any Safe Gap Between A C Section And A VBAC

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european_mom76 - June 17

I wonder if anyone of you have experienced a successful va___al delivery after a cesarean section within a year period between them. Does anyone know what is the safe gap between a va___al birth after a c-section? I had 2 beautiful va___al deliveries and 1 section due to malpresentation of the baby. I found out I was pregnant with my fourth just 3 months after havinfg my c-section.The section was healing well but I am very afraid to attempt a va___al delivery at a just 11-12 months after the section. Look forward to reading your experiences/oppinions advanced thanks


lovemy3 - June 18

Hi there, I'm not too sure as I've only had sections, 3 of them. The only advice I have been given is that the safe gap between section is 12 to 18 months. Sorry i couldn't be more helpful, good luck


Saird - June 19

If you've already had two successful deliveries, then your chance of a v-bac is quite high I believe. Of course it is better if they are more than a year apart, but I'm not sure it would make that much of a difference. I know if I were you, I would want to do the v-bac if it went that well the first two times.


julesnac - June 19

hello. i had a c-sec with my first and am trying for a vbac with my 2nd this september. my dr had told me 2 years is optimal because it gives time for the uterine scar to completely heal. i have heard that a year is ok. my 2nd will be born almost exactly 2 years after. to be honest, i would be hesitant to try vbac in your situation because this is your 4th child and your uterus is probably more stretched than previous which means less support for the baby and therefore more tension on the scar. same as why subsequent pregnancies show earlier- we lose the elasticity all over right ladies ;-) additionally, because you got pregnant right away, even though it will be a year from birth to birth, your scar hasn't had time to heal very well. just think when it may have started to stretch with this child. i'm not saying i know for sure---- just my opinion. definitely check with your doctor and even get a few opinions. as always, make sure you understand the risks involved either way with a repeat c-section or vbac. good luck!


european_mom76 - June 21

Thank you a lot ladies for answering my question. All of your oppinions were really appreciated. I only know several moms who attempted successfull VBAC at a 2 year gap but I think the gap cannot be generalized, each delivery and each human body is different. However I am still waiting for reading new suggestion/oppinions and experiences of successfull VB at a short period after CS.



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